Babies, Bottles and Boo-Boo’s

As the mother of six now grown children, I can tell you from experience that I’d give just about anything to go back to the days of babies, bottles and boo-boo’s. Those were the days. The innocence of children, watching them at play. Watching them sleeping so soundly dressed in their cute little jammies. The two o’clock feedings and diaper changes, followed by more diaper changes, at times seemed to be so overwhelming. Lack of sleep, while tending to our children’s needs, can wear on anyone’s nerves. But I’d go back to those days in a heart beat, if only I could.

It’s the years that come later, pre-teen and teen years, that will make or break you as a parent. I don’t believe there is any other time of a child’s life that could possibly wear a parent down to the nub as when our children go through those years leading to independence. We do our best to teach, guide, instruct, love, discipline etc and hope beyond hope that we did right by them. We hope our children grow up to be loving, kind, respectful, considerate, decent adult members of society. Once they’ve entered those years, usually entering Junior High School, it appears as though they change literally overnight. Behaviors and attitudes never seen before are suddenly exhibited by our children, and we wonder Who is this child and where have you taken my son/daughter?

Then come the many, many years of constant parental worry about school, grades, choice of friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, rebellion, driver’s licences, curfews, drunk drivers, choices our children make that can make or break their futures. Drugs, drinking, sex, pregnancy. Oh Lord, the worrying never ends.

I don’t know if the concern or worry ever stops, but I doubt it. Mine are mostly grown now, and I still worry if they’re ok, off at college or working or just out with friends. I wish we could go back to babies, bottles and boo-boo’s and just stay there. Life was so much simpler then.

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