Color Blind Love-A Look At Interracial Relationships

Anyone in an interracial relationship must deal with the usual difficulties relationships bring, plus negative opinion from society in general. Meaning that people you don’t even know and have never met will often have an opinion (usually negative) about your relationship, simply because two consenting people from different groups have fallen in love.

In America’s history, interracial relationships between blacks and whites have been met with widespread and even violent reactions. Due to America’s history of black slavery, a huge divide between blacks and whites was created, making interracial relationships headline news, sparking riots, and the creation of laws forbidding such relationships.

It seems rather silly to me that a black man and white woman, or black woman and white man, should have any more difficulty maintaining a healthy loving relationship than anyone else. I’ve heard many times in my life various comments that the ‘real difficulty’ with these relationships is the “differences in cultures”. Why are relationships between whites and Hispanics more acceptable, even with the differing cultures? Or, relationships between Hispanics and blacks, with their differing cultures? What about whites and Muslims? These couples are not treated with equal disdain and disgust, as black/white relationships are. Is it really the difference in culture so many seem to be bothered by? Or skin color?

If two consenting people choose to be in an interracial relationship, who are we as as individuals or as a society to ridicule them? Relationships between couples of very similar backgrounds, beliefs, upbringing etc have their own unique difficulties. Blending the lives of two people of the same race, with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, is hard enough. If two people of different races consent to be with each other, educating themselves about their differences and the unique challenges they face, and can blend their lives in a loving family unit, why should we care? Do we all not have the right to choose the path our lives will take?

There is certainly good and bad in all races. All races have been labelled with various stereotypes, ridiculous and very generalized opinions. Personally, I like being Color Blind. I enjoy learning of couples with different races and backgrounds who have found love, and can bring happiness and joy to each others lives. Children born from love are the most beautiful of all creation. Regardless of whether they are white, black, brown, yellow, green, pink or polka-dot. True love has no color.

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  1. Maurice (TheCaymanHost) says:

    The thing is, if the two people are in love, the opinions of others will matter little to them, even if it causes family strife or other difficulties. This is true of virtually any couple in love isn’t it?

    I think some people look at me and my wife as a rather “odd couple”, me a WASP and dressed in boots and hat, my wife, a beautiful black woman who is also a touch taller than me without my bootheels 🙂

    Nobody has ever said anything to either one of us, although I guess we draw looks from some strangers every now and then. Do we care? The people we love, our friends and family, accept both of us as man and wife and have always treated us with respect, kindness and love. I married my wife because she was the sweetest, kindest woman who ever showed an interest in me and life has proved my faith in her time and time again. I’m proud of her and I’m proud of all the good people who have blessed our relationship with their good wishes 🙂

    Love and color are a state of mind and our cultural differences have served only to enrich both of our lives.

  2. Telling It Like It Is says:

    I completely agree. In the US, it seems to be a bigger problem in the southern states, where mixed couples are threatened, children threatened or beat up, or other hate type crimes. I think the country/world has a long way to go with issues of race. We all came from the same two original people.

  3. george says:

    I find it funny when people (not mixed or in an interracial relationship themselves) have all these opinions and insight on growing up multiracial. I am a 27 year old mixed American. My mom is white and my father is black. I wouldn’t want to grow up any other way. I have actually always felt more than embraced and if you do research across America, I think you would find that mixed children are typically very popular, very attractive and talented. I grew up in the heart of Tennessee in a VERY small southern town and I was the local golden child. Those country whites and blacks loved me. I now live in LA, have been on TV, had a lot of success and still find that people like knowing me. This is very typical with other mixed people that I know. Granted, we go through our “what are you?” and the stares, but I think beautiful, ugly, tall, handicap, or anything “different” is going to get that….it’s up to you whether to turn it positive or negative.
    I LOVE being mixed. I get so tired of reading things of people saying…”I feel sorry for the kids”. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t feel sorry for me. I had an AMAZING childhood with an array of black, white, asian, hispanic friends. I didn’t see color lines like you all obviously do. I am now 27 years old making well over six figures a year. Own a Mercedes and a BMW(both paid for with cash), living in a great home…why the hell do you feel sorry me? LOL
    Feel sorry for yourselves and get over it…really. Do you research….interracial marriages have the lowest divorce rate, the children are typically well rounded, beautiful and successful. Are you sure you are concerned for the child or just jealous???? hmmm….

    • Lin says:

      Hi George,

      I’m not sure who you are directing this comment to in particular. Certainly not me, since I obviously no have problem or issues whatsoever with interracial marriages/relationships and certainly not with bi-racial or multi-racial children. I don’t feel sorry for anyone in a bi-racial relationship at all; I love seeing couples choosing whoever they want to choose to be with, date, marry or whatever. While it is my hope that racism of any kind, directed at any race at all, will go away completely with time. I happen to believe that ending racism starts with you and me, and every other human being on the planet putting a stop to racism altogether. I’m happy for anyone, regardless of what race or color they are, who achieve success in whatever form they desire. So, I really don’t see who you are directing your comment to, if anyone in particular.