I Can See Clearly Now

I’ve been a contact lens wearer for several years now and have enjoyed not having to wear eye glasses, except for my favorite and very cool sun glasses. I simply hated wearing eye glasses, mostly due to vanity but also because I would inevitably have killer headaches by the end of the day emanating from the bridge of my nose to the top of my head. Wearing contacts can create its own set of problems, of which I’ve struggled for nearly three years.

Frequent return trips to the eye doctor with my complaint of sticky pure-white “goo” forming in my eyes from the moment I put the contacts in and lasting until I took them out at night. My complaint of this disgusting substance was deemed allergy related, although I was having no other allergy “symptoms”, and was given sample packages of varying lens rinses to try. Nothing helped.

I changed eye doctors three different times over the last three years, trying to find someone knowledgeable and experienced with what was causing this problem in order to eliminate it. Two weeks ago the problem was erased, thanks to my brand new eye doctor. He introduced me to “Clear Care“, made by Ciba Vision.
Clear Care cleans and disinfects lenses like no multi-purpose solution can. Clear Care, with its triple-action power, bubbles to actively clean and remove protein from your lenses. Clear Care One Bottle Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution is a sterile solution containing micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide 3%, sodium chloride 0.79%, stabilized with phosphoric acid, a phosphate buffered system, and Pluronic 17R4 (a cleaning agent. The lens case comes installed with a neutralizing disc. This is so after 6 hours of sitting there, no preservatives or harsh chemicals enter your eye. It neutralizes the active disinfectant to create a gentle saline solution close to your own tears.

Be SURE to read the warning label, as it will tell you:

1) Do NOT use flat lens case. Clear Care only works with the special lens case provided.

2) Do NOT remove lenses from case until at least 6 hours later. The solution needs time to neutralize.

3) Do NOT rinse lenses with Clear Care prior to inserting lenses into your eyes. Only use a sterile saline solution like SoftWear Saline.

4) Do NOT squirt Clear Care directly into your eyes.

Think about how hydrogen peroxide feels when you put it on an open wound. It fizzles so you know it’s working. But do you know why it’s fizzing? Peroxide doesn’t fizz if you pour it on uncut skin, so it’s apparently not reacting to simple dirt or oils. But, it fizzes up a storm if it contacts germs, such as in an infected cut. When peroxide fizzes, a catalyst splits hydrogen peroxide into two water molecules and an oxygen atom. The reaction fizzes pure oxygen bubbles. Hydrogen peroxide kills cells. The driving force is not the chemical but rather living cells. Most cells (like blood in a cut) cause hydrogen peroxide to change into water and oxygen gas, which, in turn, bubbles and fizzes. Not something you want to put into your eyes.

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  1. GREAT POST. A lot of people who just get their contacts don’t realize that there are several cleaning solutions that are used together to effectively disinfect and maintain a pair of non-disposable eye contacts.

    A lot of people are naive when it comes to contact lenses and cleaning them. They don’t take the appropriate precautions when using them and sometimes they suffer the consequences. Think you really nailed it when you said: READ THE PRODUCT LABEL CAREFULLY!