The Confident Woman

I’ve been intrigued with the increasing use of terms describing confident woman, such as Diva, Prima Donna and of course the “B” word. In years past, those words have always had a derogatory and demeaning premise, especially in the media, describing extremely demanding, arrogant, , steam-roller type woman. The terms have also been used describing some men as well, but more so with woman. During more recent years, the word Diva and Bitch have been used much as a synonym describing Confident Woman, woman who have a balanced level of self-esteem, rather than what is described in the entertainment industry. I, too, have often been described as a Diva, in regards to the more recent use of the term, that of having a balanced level of self-esteem, knowing who I am, what I’m about, and what I will or will not tolerate.For some time now, on my page, I’ve had a Headline that reads, “I’m not a Bitch, I just have a low bullshit tolerance.” That is an accurate quote, although humorous, that describes aspects of my outspoken, straight-forward, “Tell It Like It Is” personality type, although describing only a portion of who I am.

While researching the topic, I stumbled upon articles about Confident Woman, written by Joyce Meyer, of Joyce Meyer Ministries. As I read these articles, I found interesting similarities in our backgrounds and childhood, which just may be the catalyst that precipitated my becoming the confident woman I am today. I found these “7 Secrets of a Confident Woman” heart-warming, and felt compelled to share them.

Secret #1 – A Confident Woman Knows That She Is Loved.
Secret #2 – A Confident Woman Refuses To Live In Fear.
Secret #3 – A Confident Woman Is Positive.
Secret #4 – A Confident Woman Recovers From Setbacks.
Secret #5 – A Confident Woman Avoids Comparison.
Secret #6 – A Confident Woman Does Not Live In “If Only” And “What If”
Secret #7 – A Confident Woman Takes Action

Although I do not currently attend religious services, I am a Christian believer. My difficult upbringing, and first marriage, most surely plays a large part in creating the woman I am today. I am a Confident Woman, a force to be reckoned with.

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