16 Traits Of An Abusive Relationship

If you are here on this page you or someone you know just might be in an abusive relationship. Don’t leave until you have read this.

What are some of the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship:
1. Keeps track of what you are doing all the time, and with whom?
2. Jealous and possessive.
3. Accuses you of being unfaithful.
4. Brings up past relationships, as though you shouldn’t have had any!
5. Controlling behavior. Prevents or discourages you seeing friends or family, going to work or college.
6. Gets angry when drinking alcohol or using drugs.
7. Verbally abusive.
8. Controls all the money, including the money you spend.
9. Checks your bank statements or bank accounts.
10. Humiliates you in front of others.
11. Treats you differently when others are around. Is either nice to you when you are alone but distant and nasty when others are in your company, or is distant with you when you are alone but nice to you in company.
12. Destroys your property or anything that you care about.
13. Threatens to harm you in any way, your children or pets. (By hittings, slapping, punching, breaking, harming, kicking or biting.)
14. Uses or threatens to use a weapon against you.
15. Forces you to have sex against your will.
16. Blames you for their violent outbursts.

If you are a victim of violence at the hands of someone you know or love, get immediate help and support. Don’t ignore these warnings signs, some woman who have ignored the abuse are no longer alive. Don’t be a victim.

Help is available for those in an abusive relationship.

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  1. Costa Rica Real Estate Jack says:

    I liked this blog so much. It was informative, very alarming to those people who see signs like these in their relationships, eminently awakening, the statement was so directive. Thank you for coming out these issues.

  2. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Thank you Jack. Far too often woman, and men alike, have the tendency to ignore even small signals and signs of potential abuse, especially while dating. It is often not until much time has passed, and several of these listed signs of abuse are happening all at once, do woman begin to see the reality of their situation. Unfortunately, these woman are now mothers and feel trapped in their abusive relationship for a variety of reasons I’ve discussed in other posts. Educating woman and young girls/teens about signs of abuse is an important way of helping to protect woman, and our daughters.

  3. tantovi says:

    This article makes me realize that we need someone to talk to. Positive attitude is the only thing to overcome the worst situation….keep it within your hands… you will reach up to the mark.

  4. Lin says:

    Tantovi, if any of these signs of an abusive relationship sound familiar to you, do get help immediately. Talk to someone you can trust, perhaps a family counselor or church official, but do get help. Good luck.