Do Follow – Do You Follow?

We all know (or at least should know) the importance of creating great content for readers, as well as building relationships with other niche bloggers. Building traffic to our blogs, and leaving quality comments on other blogs cannot be over-emphasized. How do we find blogs that are worth the effort, and will bring the greatest benefit?

Ramona, from, has written some great tips on the subject, “What Blogs Should We Comment On?”, that I highly recommend you take under careful consideration. Ramona outlines 5 important points in choosing what blogs we should comment on.

One area Ramona discusses is that of “You Comment, I Follow”. Many blogs, like our blog, have removed the default “nofollow” attribute from their blogs, so that your comments bring you traffic and “good” inbound links. You will often find an image, perhaps like the one in this post, prominently displayed on the blog sites you visit.

If you’d like to see an extensive list of “DoFollow” blogs, “Tricia’s Musings” has a lengthy list of “DoFollow Bloggers“. If you would like your blog to be added to the list of “DoFollow Blogs”, and you have removed the default “nofollow” attribute (rel=”nofollow”) from your blog, leave a comment on Tricia’s post to be added to the list. You will also find a nice set of graphic images to choose from to display on your blog indicating that you are a DoFollow blogger.

Andy Beard has a DoFollow Community on, where you can find more like-minded “DoFollow” bloggers. There are more graphic images on the community that you can select from to display on your blog.

We are a DoFollow blog.

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