I’m A “Break Out Blogger” – First Award!

While browsing around on one of my favorites blogs, AdSense Tracker, I was suddenly taken aback by one of her posts dated September 30th, where she mentions having received the prestigious blogger award called “Break Out Blogger”. I felt so proud of her receiving this award (as she definitely deserves it) that I was anxious to finish reading her post so I could comment and congratulate her. But then, towards the end of the post, she mentions a couple of blogs that she was bestowing the award to, and guess who she included?! Yep, Telling It Like It Is! How cool is that?! I actually did a double-take and read the sentence again just to be sure (can’t let my head get too swollen you see), but sure enough, I understood right. Wow!

The Break Out Blogger award was developed by Bob of Bobbarama and is described by him this way:

This award casts a spotlight on bloggers who are just beginning to draw lots of attention — the equivalent of a song with a bullet on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Lotsa good posts. Lotsa good buzz. These bloggers are going places in a hurry.

I’m utterly speechless, I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen various awards posted on really good blogs and only thought to myself “maybe one day that’ll be you”. I’m truly honored. I believe I have a long way to go before I could possibly feel deserving, but I will accept this award with much appreciation to my readers for your continued support.

Part of the responsibility of receiving this award is passing it along to a couple of deserving blogs that meet the criteria above.

I will now pass on this award to Heidi at VirusHead for all her hard work, Phillip at Your Relevant, and Rocky at Blogging Mix. All three of you work very hard and it shows. Wear your award proudly!

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