Top Gadgets and Gifts For Christmas 2007

Although I’m not quite ready to start singing any Christmas Carols, I can’t help but begin getting swept up in the search for the latest and greatest gadgets and gifts for this season. With a husband and three grown sons, all caught up in the newest technology and gadgets, it is definitely time to start making my gift lists and early shopping. For several years now I’ve done the great majority of online, eager to avoid the typical long wait at the checkout counters and crowds. It’s been to my advantage in many respects to do my shopping early, and online, with the numerous sites offering better sale prices than can be found wandering through the malls, as well as FREE shipping. While many people are concerned about the recent toy recalls, there are numerous other available for young children and adults alike.

What Are This Year’s Hot Gadgets?

Certainly topping the list is the Apple iPhone, predicted to be the greatest gadget ever invented, and highly sought after by gadget enthusiasts. 3D TV’s just might cause your brand new HD ready television to become obsolete sooner than you thought. Wafer thin TV’s, demonstrated at this year’s industry event, utilizing full HD resolutions are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I Sing from Outrageous is taken from the “American Idol” phenomenon, a specialized MP3 player, considered to be the next generation karaoke machine. i-Sing music can be created and uploaded to any number of social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster and YouTube.

Sure to be a top hit and on many wish lists is the Apple 4GB iPod Nano which is also said to be the world’s most popular music player. This is not only on my own wish list for this holiday season, but on the list of several of our gift recipients.

Nintendo Wii Although the Nintendo Wii has been out for about a year, it’s scarcity still makes it a hot item for this year’s holiday season.

Personally, I’m on a mad dash search for the Garmin Nuvi GPS System for my husband. Initially I thought buying one of these for my husband was a waste of time and money, as both of us are quite capable of following a map. Since looking up some the features of the Garmin Nuvi GPS System, with it’s voice-guided directions to any number of destinations and hot spots, I couldn’t help but be excited to add this to my long holiday gift list.

Any Harry Potter fans out there? I must admit that I’ve read all the books, watched the available movies and can hardly wait for each new Harry Potter movie that comes out. Harry Potter products of all kinds are sure to be a big hit for fans.

What hot items do YOU intend to buy this year, either for yourself or someone you love? I’d love to know what items I may be missing from this list.

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4 Responses to “Top Gadgets and Gifts For Christmas 2007”

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  1. Mahesh says:

    when it comes to gifting for children, harry potter and gaming consoles are the best choice.
    For others, gifts must suit their taste and at the same time if it is useful for them in daily works that would be the best gift.

  2. Telling It Like It Is says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. A couple of years ago I received a gift of the Hallmark Cards software, which allows me to select, edit and print birthday, holiday, thinking of you, etc cards from my computer. That has been one of my all time favorites, and I get the update/upgrade every year since.

  3. perros says:

    I usually buy people what they ask for, simply because while I do like a good surprise sometimes, I also hate getting BAD surprises… like wanting to get one thing and ended up getting something I would never use instead. That just seems wasteful to me… so I just buy people what they want 😉

    of course, Christmas isn’t about gifts anyway… its about Christ

  4. Telling It Like It Is says:

    That would be ideal, especially if people have some ideas of what they want early enough in the shopping season. It’s been my experience that most of those we buy gifts for don’t clue us in on what is on their wish list until only a week before Christmas. That makes it really tough for people like me to have time to shop for deals and steals. I dread having to go to the malls or stores just before Christmas.