What Does Your “About Me” Say About You?

I’ve discussed in a previous article my ongoing goal of reading and commenting on at least 8 other blogs every day, and the benefits received from doing so. I’ve also mentioned that it is often difficult for me to find blogs that have content that interests me that would cause me to want to comment. One thing that perturbs me while visiting these blogs is the lack of an “About Me” profile, or one that lacks any real information about the author.

Personally speaking, I like to know who I’m reading, with an actual picture of the author, not a silly icon image. Although anyone beginning a blog with Blogger is able to create an “About Me” profile, often times displayed prominently in the upper right or left hand corner, I’m often disappointed once I click on the link to learn more about the author.

Surprisingly enough, I find this to be the case as well with many WordPress users. Many bloggers either have very little real information about Who they are, What caused them to begin blogging, What do they blog about, and most importantly (at least to me), Why should I want to read their works, or subscribe no less? So, ask yourself the title question, What Does Your “About Me” Say About You?

Why Have An “About Me” and What Should It Include?

Personalization – Having a well written and detailed “About Me” helps create a “welcome” atmosphere to your blog. It allows your viewers a unique look into your world and your writing. It also offers an opportunity for you to engage your readers in an emotional connection, whether by your knowledge and experience on given topics, your sense of humor, or the “realness” of you and your work.

Digging Deeper – An “About Me” provides an extensive opportunity to delve deep into your Archives, drawing attention and linking to previously written posts, perhaps not yet found by your readers. This one step, by far, has helped me personally increase readership, subscribers and comments on my blog.

What Should An About Me Include?

Create An “About Me” PAGE – Take the time to create an informative page on your blog that is titled “About Me”. Link to it from your sidebar. Simply write a post as you would any other, titling it “About Me”, then bury it deep into your archives using the “Post Options” link. Be sure to suggest subscribing to your blog, with a direct link for viewers to do just that.

Use Your Real Photo – Using landscape pictures, pictures of movie or music stars, or animated silliness takes authority away from your blog. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer or blogger, prove it with a real photo of yourself as the author. It has been my personal experience that I am much more likely to click on links to your blog if it’s accompanied by a real photo of yourself. Sorry, but I highly doubt that Brad Pitt, Cherize Theron or whatever actor is currently playing James Bond, has time to blog.

Introduce yourself – What is your real name? At least include your first name if nothing else. Explain in some detail your knowledge and experience on the topics you write about. Have you or your writings been featured in some way, on television or radio, been given an award of some kind relating to your blog? Say so on your About Me page. Be sure to include an easy way for people to Contact you personally, by providing an email address protected from spam, or by linking to another page on your blog titled “Contact Us” that has a contact form to fill in. There are many Contact Us forms available on the web if you don’t yet have one.

Position On Your Blog – Be sure to place your profile, or link to your profile page, in a prominent position on your blog. ***Special Note: This is often the first place I go when I visit a blog, and what I find there has everything to do with my decision as to whether I return again, provide a review and recommendation on my blog, or not. No one should have to tediously search throughout your blog trying to find how they can learn more about you, or how to send you a private message.

Make It Engaging – Your profile page should provide readers an easy answer to “What do I do now” once they’ve finished reading your About Me. That is a perfect example of why your profile page should provide links to articles you’ve written. I recommend providing links to whatever “labels” or “categories” you use, which in turn makes it easy for your readers to go to the posts they are most interested in. Spend significant time writing your About Me, as this is no place to get writer’s block.

If you’d like to see examples of an “About Me” page, and a “Contact Us” page to help you get started on your own, I’ve listed mine below.

My About Me Page

My Contact Us Page

If you have enjoyed this article, or have been helped in some way, I would appreciate your comments.

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9 Responses to “What Does Your “About Me” Say About You?”

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  1. Holly says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I also like to visit a certain number of different blogs a day, but I’ll spend more time trying to find a blog that actually interests me. I’ve also noticed the about me sections on people’s websites. I like to have a page dedicated to my bio, give the readers a little more insight on the person whose site they’re reading. Even on my community blog, I like to give a little insight on the people who work hard to bring them the site.

    Great post, terrific pointers. Thanks a lot.

  2. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Thank you Holly. I appreciate your comment because it caused me to think about what my profile is like on blogcatalog and mybloglog, etc. I probably should re-work those some. Thanks much!

  3. perros says:

    I suppose I can agree with you depending on the *type* of blog it is. I really don’t care who the guy is that gives me the daily sports roundup… but if I’m looking for some personal insights on life or whatnot, the person behind it is key

  4. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Hello Perros, I can understand that perspective. I appreciate you taking the time to mention it here.

  5. Keli says:

    Good point about the “About” section of many blogs. I find either too little or too much information. If I like what I read, then I do want to know more.
    As for myself, I cannot include a picture or my real name for fear of discovery. I can speak my mind much more freely under cover. Thanks for the tips!

  6. financial hack says:

    Visiting different blogs is an excellent idea for a number of reason. It can be a great way to generate ideas for your own writing. It exposes you to new bloggers and in turn leaving comments helps other people find you.

    It goes to show why you want all your posts to be quality. If a person browsing doesn’t see anything of interest in the first couple of posts they come upon, they will leave to never return.

  7. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Kelli, I’ve often wondered if that might be the reason some don’t use their own picture, concern about discovery. Some of the things I’ve written might ignite a fire under some people I know personally, if they were to discover my blog, but I guess I really don’t care. 😉

    Financial Hack, very good points. There have been times when I’ve visited other blogs and found they had written a post similar, or on the same topic, as one I was creating at the time.

    I really enjoy visiting other blogs and commenting, especially to learn more about “why” bloggers like Andy Beard, Darren Rowse, John Chow and others are so popular. Now I know! 😉

  8. Pawhealer says:

    okiay…got me…I’ll fix my profile today!

  9. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Pawhealer, very good! I’m coming to check it out! 😉