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Many bloggers have posted articles on the question of: Why don’t many visitors post comments? Then again, some bloggers aren’t courteous enough to respond to comments they DO receive. The iReply Movement was started in an effort to encourage bloggers and visitors to comment, with the understanding that the gesture will be returned in kind. Why does this matter? For one thing, if you’re blogging at all, and your blog isn’t set to Private, then it makes sense that you would appreciate some blog traffic to whatever you write about. You may also have joined various social networking sites in an attempt to create greater readership, but what good is that if you don’t get comments from visitors, or worse yet, you don’t reply to their comments? Replying to comments received, and returning the favor on their blog, is a great way of thanking your readers and it helps with developing a sense of community among bloggers. Have you ever done something nice for someone, or bought someone a present, and didn’t so much as receive a Thank You?

Replying to comments you receive on your blog is a great way of thanking those who have “gifted” you with their presence on your blog. If you haven’t already, consider joining the iReply movement.

How do you join?
If you respond regularly to your commentors, then you’re already a member. Simply write a post similar to this one, explaining the benefits of replying to comments received. Put the iReply logo on your sidebar, linked to your iReply post. Begin replying to comments you receive, even with a simple Thank You for your comment. By doing so, you are showing your appreciation and gratitude, which creates a sense of “welcome” to your blog, and you will find more people commenting on your posted topics.

Use the iReply logo.
Simply place the logo on your sidebar, linking it to your post on the iReply Movement.

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  1. Karl Bakla says:

    Leaving a comment is also a great way to say that you were there! You’re so right about the comment thing. Comments make the discussion much more interesting.

    – Karl Bakla

  2. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Hi Karl, it really is important. I believe another thing that is very helpful and appreciated by commentors is to have a “Recent Comments” widget showing on your blog. Not only does it showcase those who have commented recently, but it provides a direct link to the commentors site or profile. That in itself can help increase traffic to your blog. Thanks much!

  3. Ad Tracker says:

    Good for you! I think responding to comments is an absolute neccessity as a blogger.

    I read you in my RSS reader and don’t get by as often as I should. I really like what you’ve got going on here. It looks really nice 🙂

  4. Telling It Like It Is says:

    Thanks AdTracker,

    I really enjoy your blog as well, so much that I added you to my Blog Roll. Have a great weekend!

  5. Gigabytes says:

    Commenting make blogging interesting, what is a blog without comment?

    People don’t comment on all blogs they stumbled, only those that interest them.

  6. Telling It Like It Is says:

    I agree, especially regarding stumbling. I stumble pretty often and only occasionally find something of interest to “thumbs up”. I’m going to have to look at my stumble settings and see if maybe I can edit it so that I will ‘thumb-upable’ content easier. Thank you for your comment.