Blogging Zoom Launches New Social Networking Site For Bloggers

Quite by chance I stumbled upon Courtney Tuttle’s blog, where he and his buddy Vic Frangui have just launched the social networking site Blogging Zoom. As I read the details of what this new social site is about, I became very impressed. Some reviewers are comparing it to Digg and Reddit, but that remains to be seen, in my opinion. If you have all the traffic you need, this post isn’t for you. If you have no interest in banding together for the greater good of everyone, please close the window now because this post is 100% about making a truly united effort to make blogging better for every person involved in it. And, it’s completely FREE. Here is how Courtney Tuttle describes what this new venture is designed to do:

1. Give bloggers the opportunity to submit every post written to a place where they can benefit from professional SEO expertise. For those of you that struggle to get search traffic, this alone can help you to grow exponentially. This entire system will be based on the fact that we will promote your individual posts. Before you start worrying that we will be charging for this, stop right there – this service will be 100% free.

2. Provide a social hub where bloggers can share ideas, learn to better themselves, and receive deserved, huge bursts of traffic to their quality content – without the competition from the big sites that currently have 8,000,000 different advantages on us. This organized, group attack will help every single one of you to get a bigger and well-deserved audience.

In order to achieve both of those goals, we have created Blogging Zoom – a tool built by bloggers as a coup against mainstream mammoths and site networks that stand in the way of our getting what we deserve:

Explaining what Blogging Zoom can do isn’t going to be that easy. It has some similarities to other services and more importantly has some key differences that tip the scales in the bloggers’ favor.

Upon first glance, you will notice that the front page of Blogging Zoom looks and acts similarly to Digg. We felt this was necessary to give bloggers the opportunity to get huge bursts of traffic to their content. That doesn’t mean that BZ is Digg 2, because it isn’t.

Key Factors That Make BZ The Mainstream Assassin

  • Bloggers are not penalized for submitting their own content, in fact they are encouraged to submit all of their content. BZ allows you to add as much of your content as you want to a site that will get incredible amounts of traffic. Users will still vote for, or zoom, content and with enough zooms your content will be published front page to maximize traffic to your blog.
  • If you’re not a blog, you’re out. There will be no competition between bloggers and huge news sites that already dominate search engine results and are indexed 100 times per day by Google. What happens if CNN submits an article to Blogging Zoom? Buried hahahahaha.
  • We will use our SEO expertise to expose your content to search engines. This is the key factor that takes BZ 10 levels higher than anything else out there. The only thing even close to BZ in this aspect is Squidoo, but Squidoo doesn’t give you the potential to receive massive traffic bursts that can generate hundreds of links and thousands of visitors.
  • Blog search engines like Google Blog Search and Technorati index spam like it’s premium content. Hopefully everyone is as tired as I am of competing with spam, because it’s a freaking joke. Since BZ is driven by bloggers, spammers will be reported, their work deleted, and their accounts banned.

Bloggers Coup Against The Mainstream

Lately I’ve realized that bloggers haven’t been working together. Google slaps us and ranks huge sites, networks, and even spam sites in front of us. Digg penalizes us for submitting too much of our content. Technorati ranks us but indexes spam in front of us.

The way I see it, if more of us are going to beat the odds that are stacked by the ton on top of us, it’s time to band together. Blogging Zoom was created by bloggers as the tool that can take a major chunk out of the search market, and deliver quality traffic to bloggers everywhere. I can tell you this, I will be promoting BZ like nobody’s business because it’s time for bloggers to be heard.

Together We Can Be Heard

We can create a massive resource that gets your content and mine ranked highly in Google for almost every competitive term. Together, we can take over positions that in the past were held by only the biggest internet gorillas. We can send thousands of visitors to quality content and ban spam that gets in our way in other mediums.

The more bloggers we can let know about BZ, the better it will be for every single one of us. What are we going to do? We’re going to get every blogger from here to China to Malaysia to Antarctica to everywhere else to help turn this tool into the coup that makes the mainstream media shake at the foundation. With enough help from bloggers everywhere, we can put this this thing into outer space.

If you want to help raise bloggers from the dust, it’s time to take action. Register at BZ, start submitting your content and zooming. More importantly, copy this post and put it up on your blog. We need to use every resource we can to get the word out to bloggers everywhere. That means Digg, Stumble, Sphinn, and every other site we can.

Let’s start the revolution.

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