Gold Diggers Get Their Due Reward

There was a time, in the “good ol days”, when girls grew up hoping to fall in love and marry a man who was handsome, kind, loving, attentive, romantic, respectful, loved children, and a good provider for the family. While these are still attributes women seek in a potential mate, there’s a disturbing and growing trend of women of all ages and ethnicities looking to hog-tie a man into marriage because of the size of his wallet. It’s certainly true that Gold Diggers have been around for a very long time, preying on unsuspecting men in a selfish and despicable attempt to siphon bank accounts dry, only to get a divorce and look for their next victim.

Although there is ongoing debate as to the cause of this kind of attitude amongst many women, the primary and most suggested cause is pure and simple vanity. Women justify their behavior by saying things like, “I take care of myself”, “I still look good”, “I keep my body in shape”, “Why shouldn’t a man have to pay handsomely for enjoying THIS body?”

There are many slang terms that might accurately describe this type of woman, and as descriptive as these terms might be, I’m embarrassed to be amongst this gender species that would ruthlessly seek to use and abuse men in this way. Even more embarrassing is that one of my old high school friends, a girl I knew many years ago but no longer keep in contact with, evolved over time into a Gold Digger. I’ll call her Jean.

She married a man she fell in love with and had four children with him. Jean was married for many years and enjoyed working outside the home part-time and caring for their two sons and two daughters. Neither made much money, but they were content. Until she discovered he was having an affair. They got a divorce.

After the divorce, Jean began seeking out men based on what kind of car they drove, their clothing style and brand names, had “six-pack abs”, whether they freely gave her money, what restaurants she was treated to, while she willingly gave up her “assets” in an attempt to prove her worthiness as a potential wife.

Having a full-time job of her own, she struggled month after month trying to provide for herself, now that the children were grown and gone. When describing the newest man in her life, the characteristics and qualities of the man’s personality were never mentioned, or if they had similar interests, likes and dislikes. “He drives a BMW”; “He has a nice house in the suburbs”; He is the CEO of “X” corporation”.

Jean later married a man she believed she loved, despite the fact that he was rather cold, uncaring, spiteful towards her adult children, controlling, physically abusive, an alcoholic, and who also eventually cheated on her. That marriage ended as well, and Jean was once again on the prowl, looking to find her meal ticket to the big house in the suburbs.

You might think that these type experiences would clue her and other women in on the superficial aspects of what they seek. The last time I heard about Jean through another high school friend, Jean is again seeing a man who exhibits the exact same temperaments as her last husband. He has a good job, drives a very nice car, takes her to nice restaurants, takes her to church, hangs up on her when disagreeing on the phone, sends her hateful text messages and voice mails, treats her friends rudely and with utter disrespect.

What ever happened to the days of Helen Reddy’s song “I am woman, hear me roar”? I keep recalling the hit movie “Waiting To Exhale”, and the accompanying song “Sista’s Are Doing It For Themselves”. Women have come a long way since the feminist movement began, achieving great strides in the world of business, increased income, high positions in companies and government. It is beyond my comprehension how an increasing number of women, including a young 25 year-old twit on Craigslist, believe that men OWE them anything other than love, companionship, respect and commitment.

Perhaps women will only learn the futility of their dreams of the fast-track to fortune and luxury when they wake up one day old and alone. Perhaps if they focused their attention on things that really matter, like having a solid relationship that they personally contribute to outside of the bedroom, perhaps they may surprise themselves and find happiness with a man that treats them like a queen, even without the superficial fancy duds.

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  1. Melanie says:

    My Father was the victim of a gold digger. I took care of my parents all of my life. My mother became ill and my father started showing symptoms of Alzheimers. After a long bout with cancer my Mother passed away. My father’s condition had worsened. Although I tried to stay close and take care of him, someone was still able to prey on him. It happened so fast. Of course I thought I had lived my worst nightmare watching my Mother go, untill I saw my father taken this way, by an obvious gold digger, abuser and alcoholic.
    She forced him to move to another State. She
    made sure he had little contact with those he was closest to so she could control, abuse and manipulate him. I was obviosly one of the biggest threats. My father was unhappy and confused. As much as I pleaded with my other sisters to support me with an intervention, no one would, too busy with their own lives. So my parents, married almost fifty years were both gone. Everything they worked their whole lives for was taken by a low class gold digger. My Family Legacy destroyed. It devastated me. I have been struggling with it since my father passed away 2 years ago.
    THIS is the worst kind of gold digger, someone who takes advantage of the grieving Spouse. My father Loved my mother so, and he was too weak and vulnerable after her passing. He was a successful Man and a kind soul whom I dearly loved. My only Solace is that they are together.
    Please look out for your elderly parents……. I never would have dreamed something like this could happen.

  2. Lin says:

    Melanie, your story breaks my heart. For your father to be taken advantage of like that is just terrible! For your father to be suffering with Alzheimer’s and be taken advantage of this way by a gold digger is shameful. I know this must be so hard for you to accept and deal with, but I would think that your father and mother would want you to do just that. Your parents would want you to live your life and move on from this, and I do hope and pray that you can put this terrible thing aside and go on with your life. It is surely what your parents would want for you. I wish you much peace and comfort.


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