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Until recently, I hadn’t given any thought to the need of a Comment Policy for my blog. While I get my fair share of spam-like comments, “Great post, here’s my link”, I’ve simply deleted them without much thought. As my blog continues to grow with visitors, subscribers and comments, I now understand the need for a Comment Policy. Like many blogs, comments here are strictly moderated.

The idea of a Comment Policy came up with my article, “Chains That Bind“, where I discussed my personal experience of having been born and raised into the Jehovah’s Witness “religion” and my decision to leave the religion in 1995. The article listed “101 True Beliefs and Practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses, that some readers took exception to. “Denise”, a current Jehovah’s Witness, was quite irate in her comment, lashing out at me for having posted the list, subsequently returning a month later to find that I had not published her comment. I decided to allow her second diatribe, and responded in kind.

I came across MomaBlogga’s post “Protect Your Blog With A Comment Policy“. After carefully reading the bullet points, I realized the true value of having my own Comment Policy: “having a comment policy won’t prevent spam or mean comments on your blog, but if anyone ever asks you why their comment was deleted or edited, you can point to your policy as the reason.”

As was suggested in the post, I visited the “ProBlogger Comment Policy” that Darren Rowse set up, and found the guidelines to be very helpful in clearly stating what comments will, or won’t, be tolerated. I also recommend reading the “eMoms At Home Comment Policy“, as some points were covered that I didn’t find anywhere else.

Comment Policy for Telling It Like It Is-

  • No Spam – If your intention is to leave a quick “Nice blog, here’s my link” comment, don’t waste my time or yours. It will be deleted.
  • Keep Comments On Topic – Comments not relevant to the original post will be deleted. Use good judgment as to the length of comments, medium-size is usually considered best.
  • Relevant External Links – External links that are on topic, or add value to the original post and comment are fine. Simply linking to your own blog is not acceptable.
  • Zero Tolerance for Profanity – There is no allowance for cussing, swearing, use of racial slurs on this blog. You don’t want to tick off the lady author.
  • Personal Attacks – Comments that are mean-spirited or abusive towards me, or others commenting on this blog, will not be tolerated.
  • Editor’s Right – While comments that challenge or offer constructive criticism is welcome, I reserve the right to delete (not publish) any comment I deem inflammatory, insulting, or otherwise not worthy of reader’s viewing eyes.

I look forward to your continued participation in posts on Telling It Like It Is.

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