Cre8Buzz- Be Seen Be Heard Be Found!

Have you heard the Buzz about It’s a social networking/community site launched on October 6, 2007 and is quickly establishing itself as the place to make new friends, socialize and network. I initially thought that was just for bloggers seeking to promote their blogs, but there are musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, moms and dads, and presently 25 categories such as beauty, education, electronics, health and fitness, motorcycles, sports, and science. Simply create a profile, customize the look and feel with MySpace-like layouts (if you want to), add photographs, create a video gallery, podcasts, blog posts, various widgets, and more. And I’ve got Invitations to give away!

Do I like it?

Absolutely! I am truly enjoying meeting others on the site and making new friends. I’ve especially enjoyed finding many fabulous blogs that I might not have found elsewhere to visit, comment on and subscribe to. Of course, its also brought a very nice boost of traffic to my own blog, and my comments and subscriber numbers have increased.

The Antman has done an excellent job with cre8buzz, and is very prompt to reply to any questions, suggestions or concerns. The site is very well structured and well designed, and most importantly (at least to me) is that the members I’ve “met” have been very kind. I have not found any profile or conversations taking place that would raise red flags for me.

One of the perks I’m starting to make better use of is the ability to add members to my address book, allowing me to communicate more privately with members, rather than just through open comment sections. Having these private conversations with other bloggers allows me to build a larger and personalized niche network, increasing opportunities of inbound and outbound links.

What Don’t I Like?

I would like to be able to choose more than one group to belong to rather than just one. With my invitation from Dane Morgan, I chose the Mom group (since I’m a mom of six), but I’m also a Woman and would like to belong to more than one group. Currently you can change which group you belong to but your content belongs to just that one group.

Does It Work?

Many members seem to feel it does. I would have to say that participation is paramount. You cannot expect to create a profile, add various customizations to your page, and simply let it sit unattended expecting to receive attention. Remember, you have to give to get.

Ready To Jump In The Ant Pile?

I have 15 invitations to give away, and if I need more I’m sure the Antman will be happy to oblige. Shoot me an email with the subject line being “Invite Me”, and be sure to provide the email you want used for the invitation. I solemnly swear that I will not use your email for any purpose other than to provide you the invitation to cre8buzz.

Ready? Set! GO!

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  1. Hungry Mother says:

    The problem is, as you know, there are too many choices of sites for networking, sharing stuff, etc. My sister just wrote me an excited email that she and some others in the extended family had just joined FaceBook and wanted me to join and share… I did join just to please her, but I haven’t heard back since I pointed out that I’ve been using Snapfish for years with my kids and some others in the extended family to share photos. I also reminded her that I’ve been keeping my activities online for many years and keep reminded her to take a look. I didn’t bother to mention that I’m a little old for FaceBook unless I want to join the stalker group.

  2. suchsimplepleasures says:

    i love cr8buzz! i have started only using that site, for now! i have a bunch of invites, too. but, i agree about only being able to join one group. i was thinking of switching over to 30somethings. but, not sure yet.
    see ya…have a pinched nerve in my neck so, can’t type too much! the side effects of obsessively blogging!

  3. Telling It Like It Is says:

    HM, I can definitely understand about there being so many networking sites. It’s really a matter of balance.

    Whether it be Cafemom I posted about earlier, or cre8buzz, or blogcatalog, mybloglog, bumpzee, stumble upon etc, it’s all about balance.

    I actually have a Facebook and MySpace account, and I pop on every other day or so. My MySpace page was initially set up to interact and send fun messages with my college kids in Chicago. But lately, I’ve been using my MySpace blog to post small snippets of posts from my blog here, which has increased traffic.

    cre8buzz has a seniors group, which I think is really cool.

  4. A Buns life says:

    I like it, but was bummed when I saw my “ranking” slip just because I didn’t have time to play for a couple of days. As long as your ego can handle the ups and downs, I have definitely met some neat people and have added new blogs to my reader and hopefully mine has been added to other’s as well. This blogging thing could seriously be a full time job, which is not a good thing when you already have one, and two small kids! 🙂

  5. Telling It Like It Is says:

    I enjoy it as well. I don’t fret when the seek the rank numbers move up or down. I just focus my efforts on finding more great blogs. Gosh, I’m subscribed to tons of blogs now! But they’re all so great!

    Since I’ve developed more of a blogging schedule, I have days/evenings I spend reading, commenting, networking, and developing new ideas.

  6. I really would like to see the site open up the ability to add yourself to other groups as well. I think they are resistant because of the way the ranking system is set up, but I think it would be workable to have a “main” category where you were ranked, and then the ability to join other categories without ranking.

    @A Buns life, don’t sweat the ranking. And the key to increasing it, if you aren’t going to be able to be on everyday is to post. Post blog posts, pictures, podcasts, whatever. That way even if you aren’t online and leaving messages for people, people can still be coming across your stuff and rating it. The more stuff you post, the more opportunities others have to rate it, and the better you will rank.

    Dane Morgan | Niche Blogging’s last blog post..Tagging Your Blog Posts With The Right Tags Means More, Higher Quality Traffic.

  7. Lin says:

    I agree with you Dane. I’d like to be on a couple different groups, “moms” and “Women” and a couple others.

    I really think there should be one for “parents” or “parenting” or something like that, cause there are guys who blog about parenting, and ended up joining the “mom” group cause there isn’t one that fits well for them.

    Hopefully they’ll add more groups soon. To date, I’ve only had two invite requests and that’s sad cause it’s a great site.