I am an S.O.B!

I just received notice that I am an S.O.B! An S.O.B Blogger to be exact. No…not THAT kind of S.O.B you silly goose. Liz Strauss has awarded me the “Successful and Outstanding Blogger” award. Thank you Liz! And you readers really thought it was a bad thing, didn’t ya? Wink

Liz selects Bloggers that meet the criteria befitting an S.O.B Blogger, and believe me it’s an honor to receive such an award. Not only can you receive this award for your own blog, but recipients are also automatically included in the “S.O.B. Hall of Fame”.

If you wanna be a S.O.B-

According to Liz, in order to be an S.O.B blogger:

Find a way to start a dialogue about how blogging helps business, or carry the dialogue here back to your own blog. Offer a great feature, post, idea, or an article that will shed new light for the blogosphere. Add an outstanding idea, insight, or spark to the conversation going on at this blog or start one on your own and share what happened here. Contribute something that demonstrates that you think like a Successful and Outstanding Blogger. Find a unique way to “add value” to the conversation going on in the blogosphere to make it grow stronger.

Thank you Liz, and thank you to all of my subscribers and visitors for making this year a great one!

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