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Are you a mom? Have you not yet heard of CafeMom? is an online community created especially for moms. Thousands of moms have come together online to swap stories and advice on a huge range of topics, share photos, and connect with friends. Meet other moms with similar challenges and interests! If you’ve ever felt quite alone in mothering, you can now connect with other moms who feel just like you do, giving each other support and friendship!

CafeMom users each get their own homepage which they can customize to show off their personality. Plus, they can start public or private groups with other moms about common interests. Moms of all ages and beliefs are now meeting, conversing, and having fun at

Mom Groups-
Join and participate in groups pertaining to your interests, get to know other moms experiencing similar situations as yours. The majority of CafeMom moms range in age between 20-40 with kids living at home.

CafeMom Journals-
Now you may be thinking you simply don’t have time to write more blog articles. But wait! What if you were to write small enticing snippets from your blog posts, with links to your main blog, thereby bringing in more traffic to your blog?! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Since CafeMom’s beta launch in November 2006, has been outpacing a half dozen other competitors in the race to dominate the social networking space for moms and parents. CafeMom is the largest and fastest growing—get in on the action. Get advice and support from moms. Share advice, photos and more.


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