Digg – Another One Bites The Dust

I really don’t understand the appeal of Digg, and why it’s talked about so much as being an enormous help to build web traffic to blog sites. Of all the social networking sites I participate in, I have to say that I’m just not diggin’ Digg at all.

Case in point: Just a little while ago, I was trying to help another blogger build web traffic to a Blog Carnival that will allow up to 5 post submissions for a single carnival, called “Soup to Nuts“. I took the time to submit it to Blogging Zoom, Stumble Upon, and then thought I’d throw in Digg for good measure. Geez, trying to submit anything to Digg is a virtual obstacle course, having to figure out what “Topic” to choose in order to give it the most appropriate and targeted web traffic. Check out this Digg screenshot and someone please tell me, What “Topic” would you choose to bring attention and build web traffic to a Blog Carnival?

Digg Sucks

Before I would ever consider becoming actively involved with using Digg, they’ve got a lot of work to do to make the Topic section a bit easier to navigate.

Come to think of it, what Topic could anyone possibly think of using if they were to consider Digging one of my posts on relationships and parenting children and teens? Being a parent is a lot like an obstacle course in itself, so perhaps you might choose Sports?!

As far I’m concerned, Digg is just another social networking site that I just don’t/won’t bother with. Chalk it up to another one bites the dust. Blogging Zoom, Stumble Upon, Entrecard etc, are exponentially better than Digg.

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  1. Panthers says:

    The same people get their stories dugg time and time again because they have so many friends. Digg is horrible, in my opinion.