Entrecard Above The Fold and Best Value By Widget Meme

TagTAG, You’re It! Telling It Like It Is got double-tagged by Entrecard users Bruce Hopkins with his “Best Value By Widget” meme, as well as Andrew Boyd with his “Entrecard-Above The Fold” meme. I’ve been happily surprised by the outpouring of linky love from Entrecard users, and have found the chain-dropping activities to be very helpful in my endeavor to find quality blogs to subscribe to, as well as increasing subscriber numbers to my blog.

I’m especially enjoying the new RSS feed feature on my dashboard, as well as being able to track statistics, which helps me to know which adverts brought the best results vs. those that didn‘t do diddly. I personally pay more attention to the Top Clicks Per Widget than the others, but that’s just me. So, let’s get started with these two meme’s:

Best Value By Widget Meme Rules:

  • Link back to this post so people will know where the Meme came from and who tagged you. (No, I did not make up these rules).
  • Link to each of the blogs listed on your Best Value By Widget stats page. Once you’ve linked to them, send them a message to let them know they have been tagged. (Of course, if they use Google Alerts or something like it, this step may not even be necessary).
  • Go through each of the blogs you link to and stumble, digg, sphinn, zoom, or any other means to help bring them traffic. It is also recommended to favorite them on Technorati.
  • Visit each of the sites listed in the meme, and offer up some social media love taps.
  • If only half of these rules are followed, it will still help bring well-deserved traffic to these blogs.

Here are my best value widgets:

Entrecard Above The Fold Meme Rules:

  • Create a post on your blog that links back to this post, so people will know where the Meme came from and who tagged you.
  • Tag 8 bloggers not mentioned in this post, but only those that display their Entrecard widget above the fold. (If you don’t know what “above the fold” means, be sure to check out Andrew Boyd’s post on the topic)
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to the post you created on your blog.

Who am I going to choose for this meme?

Please Note- If your blog is not included in this list, by no means does it suggest I don’t find your blog to be of value, but is only about where you choose to place your widget, or because I simply haven’t found your blog yet while chain-dropping.

If you’re clueless about Entrecard and how it all works, here is a list of blog posts I’ve found that will be of great help to you. While you’re at it, come visit me at Entrecard, leave me a recommendation and I’ll return the favor, and be sure to add me to your favorites. Purty please… Wink

Ben Barden’s Blogging Networks-Entrecard

Sam Freedom’s Series of Entrecard Articles (no whining about Sam allowed here)

Rob’s 10 Entrecard Traffic Tips for Success

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  1. Christine says:

    My post is up…thanks for the tag! I’m glad my widget has been good for you! I enjoy your blog and will be checking back regurlarly…and advertising here again!

    Christine’s last blog post..This blogger is in desperate need of assistance