My Media Week Meme

I’ve been tagged again, this time by Lightening with a Media Week Meme, asking what my media consumption has been like this past week.

*Books- The last book I read was a month ago called Don’t Be That Girl, and I have yet to go find another book to lull away boredom hours. I have my wonderful collection of Harry Potter books that I could always read again, but that might make me start pining for a new addition to the now-defunct series.

*TV- With the ongoing Writer’s Strike, I can’t say I have watched much TV at all lately. My husband really enjoys watching The Apprentice, so occasionally I’ll walk by and take a glimpse of yucky Gene Simmons in action. I’ve had my fill of Omarosa watching a previous season of The Apprentice, so learning she was going to be on the show again I instantly lost interest.

I love Dr. Phil, and I do watch his evening shows as often as possible. I’m a big fan of shows like CSI, Law and Order, all those who-dunnit type shows, but the writer’s strike has really affected my TV viewing habits since I have no interest in watching a steady flow of rerun after rerun. Yawn.

*Music- I am definitely a music lover with a wide variety of music interests. I grew up listening to everyone and anyone associated with MoTown; Glady’s Knight and The Pips, Marvin Gaye, and so many others it would take hours to include all the names.

I’m a Classic Rock lover as well, and I instantly crank up the stereo at home or radio in my truck as soon as Black Sabbath or Aerosmith start doing their thing. Oh my gosh, I cannot get enough of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s music and guitar solo’s, and I play my CD’s of Stevie’s music quite often while driving.

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  1. I alsow enjoy CSI and am looking forward to new episodes. The writer’s strike did cause me to go into withdrawals for new episodes! Luckily, I am also a fan of LOST and they have been having new epis all month–mainly because they they took a year to shoot this new season.