Writer’s Block Evaluated – Question From A Reader

Writer’s BlockI received an email from a reader asking me, “Lin, do you ever experience Writer’s Block? How do you come up with so many creative writing ideas? I find myself getting stuck pretty often, and I’m afraid my blog is suffering because of it.”

I responded to the reader with my answer, but thought it would be good to include it in a post here. Have YOU ever experienced Writer’s Block? Do you sometimes find you just can’t come up with anything to write about on your blog, feeling “stuck” as this reader has?

When I received the reader’s question, it took me a few minutes to put my response together in a way that would not only be informative but also encouraging, because I realize that Writer’s Block can sometimes be troublesome even for Novel Writer’s and Magazine Writer’s. Personally, I have yet to experience a time of feeling stuck, where I don’t have some ideas of what I intend to write about in coming posts.

I don’t mean that in an egotistical way, it simply is true that I have not yet found myself feeling out of sorts desperately seeking something creative to say. YET. Maybe I’m just a blabber-mouth, or plain and simple opinionated, but if you could see what my desk looks like on any given day, you would probably understand that there is just no way for me to run out of things to write about.

Creative Writing IdeasAt this very moment, I have at least 20 topics written in outline form on a large steno pad, sitting next to about 10 magazines and 2 newspapers with pages turned down as my reminder to create posts on those topics. I keep a steno pad in my truck for making quick notes, another one on the coffee table in the den, and one more on the bathroom vanity.

It is my personal experience and belief that, in order to avoid Writer’s Block or to consistently come up with creative writing ideas takes some organization and planning, and can be very easy to accomplish. The biggest problem for me is finding the time needed to write, not just throwing something garbled into a post and hit “publish”, but to actually take the time to write something of value for my readers.

NotebookYou don’t have to be a professional magazine writer, book author, or “ProBlogger” for that matter, to develop and publish a great read, but there ARE some easy-to-follow steps to overcoming writer’s block or avoiding it altogether. Do you have a pen and paper handy? Jot down some notes as you read these tips on improving your writing skills, and be sure to come back and let me know if you have any other suggestions to avoiding or overcoming writer’s block.

5 Tips To Inspiring and Creative Writing

10 Tips To Become A ProBlogger

Last but definitely not least, Liz Strauss provides 7 Incredibly Intelligent Ideas for Blogging More Efficiently. I’ve done some of these myself, but found a couple I have yet to implement, but will from now on.

Do you have some tips that work well for you? What do you do to continue being creative in your writings, or avoiding the frustration of Writer’s Block?


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  1. Sapan Behar says:

    I am just starting blogging and all this is very good advise

  2. Todd morris says:

    Hi Lin,

    Great tips … lol, I need a few of them. I don’t really get writes block … more like bloggers ADD … in any case, the notebook sounds like a good idea.


    Todd morris’s last blog post..Confessions of a WordPress Theme Junkie

  3. When I hit a block, and need to just walk away from writing, I always ahve a couple posts written in advance as a reserve.


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