Beyonce’s House of Dereon: Sexualizing Children

If you are one of many who thought my rant about Miley Cyrus’ photo shoot was over the top, let’s see what you think of Beyonce’s new children’s clothing line, and see if you don’t agree this time that the sexualization of children is a serious problem. Shame on you Beyonce.

House of Dereon for children

I’m not a prude, but this is simply disgusting. If you want your child to dress like she’s ready for a stroll along Hollywood and Vine, this would be the store to shop from.

Beyonce’s clothing line for hookerette’s young girls reminds me of these infamous dolls for little girls. See a resemblance?

Bratz Dolls Sexualization of children

Take a few minutes and read “So Sexy, So Soon: The Sexualization of Childhood in Commercial Culture“, and let me know your thoughts. I rest my case.

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20 Responses to “Beyonce’s House of Dereon: Sexualizing Children”

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  1. Lin says:

    Hi Hazel, it continues to surprise me the number of people who have emailed me privately about Beyonce’s clothing line for children saying they don’t see anything wrong with it at all.

    So many people, including parents, don’t realize how marketers have been gradually sexualizing children for many years through clothes, toys and other products in such a way that it has gone unnoticed by many. It’s very disappointing to see how so many parents complain about how older kids are dressing these days, but don’t see the connection.

  2. dawn d says:

    You know it starts right in the home, dressing little girls sexy, is only dressing them for sex. take a look at it ” sexy comes from the root word sex. If you don’t teach them to dress in a respectful way while they are young, then you can expect them to dress more exotic the older they get . then some parents become shame and others are not. Parents do not realize they will give an account to the Lord.

  3. tiffany says:

    I think beyonce clothes for the little girl are fine. But everybody makes mastakes when it comes to teens so just get off her back okay. Respect her style because you would not want people talking about the way you dress.

  4. Catherine says:

    Beyonce wants to make money, as does everyone in capitalistic America. She is going to put out what is going to sell and if parents didn’t buy these things for their kids there wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Children are fed images through advertisement that portrays certain things as cool and fashionable. Children are easily persuaded to like a certain thing and advertisement only makes it worse. If you do not like it do not buy it for your children and explain to them why.

  5. SlyKat says:

    Hmmm…..wont catch my daughter in that. Dressing our little ones like that is a good way to skyrocket molestation crimes. PLUS my kid falls about everyday with flat shoes trippin over air. High Heels!?! are you kidding?! I dont want all those hospital trips. Kids are clumsy. Can you picture that on the top of stairs?? Plus that clothing line is just disgusting!!! Lets sex up our kids. Rip there childhood away from them as fast as we can. How sick. Beyonce dosnt have a clue to what shes doing. She dosnt get it. Shes probably sitting there going “But its so pretty!”

  6. Lin says:

    Thank you everyone for offering up your thoughts and comments on Beyonce’s line of clothing for kids. It’s very disturbing to see this type thing happening to young girls, and it’s only getting worse. I have another related article coming next week, so stay tuned for that.

  7. Arianne says:

    Disgusting… Ok… I think your words are OTT. It would not be right if Dereon were making children bare their stomachs, in other words showing too much skin or any at all. The only acceptable thing would be skirts which are also being sold from many other brands, for young children, which are often worn with tights anyway. I’ve seen bad and darn right disgusting, and these clothes do not fit those categories for sure. The-clothes-are-fine. Notice… THE CHILDREN ARE COVERED UP… No skin showing…

    As a response to ‘Cathrine’, what’s this all about Beyonce wanting to make more money, huh? If you don’t buy it she won’t get your money now will she. People who like the clothes ‘for their children’ will buy them. If you don’t like the clothes ignore them and shop somewhere else. Question yourself for a minute. If you could make more money easily wouldn’t you go for it? Why don’t you think about the charity she initiated, with Kelly Rowland, and all the money she has given to charity in general? She’s not selfish so maybe you should stop and start showing her some respect and not think that she just puts the money away in her pockets all the time without sharing it out.

    The deal with the image of the Bratz dolls, like the ones shown near the top of this page, those dolls constantly sell with clothing that reaches the rim of their backside, shows cleavage, shows their stomach and their faces with over done make up. ‘Somehow’ the Dereon children’s line doesn’t do that. The children are not exposing anything unlike the dolls! If Dereon did I would say it was ‘disgusting’. Thank goodness they don’t. Beyonce obviously understands children cannot reveal themselves so she does know what she’s doing!

    I do agree that I don’t think mature adults will dress in clothes like the ones shown in the ad. This is a response to ‘Rob O’. Look at what Beyonce wears in her spare time. She dresses her age! Sure she may wear some of the younger clothing at times, but come on, she is still young, and after all Beyonce is the leading spokes model for her clothing lines so you would expect her to be wearing anything that is from her lines even if it is for the young. Have you not heard of House of Dereon? The line that was designed for the more mature women which she also wears frequently? If you haven’t noticed Dereon is more for the children/young adults. She has had multiple reviews on her own stylish mature style in major magazines. You obviously haven’t seen her enough to see what kind of clothes she often wears. Research before you comment…

    At the end of the day, parents, if you are concerned how your children will turn out for the future look at where they hang out and whom they hang out with. That is the main cause of how people turn out these days. There are some horrific clothes you need to keep your young children away from i.e. ‘Bratz’ doll style clothing which the Dereon styles does NOT resemble. I agree with ‘cory at agoodhusband’. These clothes aren’t as bad you say they are.

  8. I always tell the people around me that I don’t want my child to be wearing make-up at the age of 7 or wearing clothes that not even a 17 year old shouls wear. All i get from it are people telling me that I’m too harsh. I’d rather be too harsh and protect my child then let her do and wear whatever she wants just to make her happy for a few minutes.

  9. Lin says:

    It’s been interesting to read everyone’s comments and opinions on Beyonce’s clothing line for children, but I still hold my opinion that children are targeted by marketers and designers(including Beyonce) trying to sell their “clothes” with a sexualized message. Big hairstyles, makeup, high heels, “sexy” clothing etc are not appropriate for children and anyone who participates in designing or marketing this stuff is guilty of making the sexualization of children big business that hurts children.

  10. Marcus says:

    I see NOTHING wrong with these clothes. Okay, maybe the heels are a little much, but if you feel your daughter is too young for heels, just get her some flats. Otherwise, everything else looks fine to me. I mean, the girls are COMPLETELY covered up. There’s NO skin showing anywhere. What about these clothes say “sexy?” Is it the extra design and detail on the jeans? Because I remember bedazzled jeans being VERY popular with girls around the same age in the 80s and 90s and NO ONE had problems with THAT. How is this any different?