Book Giveaway: The Lolita Effect by M. Gigi Durham

The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About ItI recently had the opportunity to interview M. Gigi Durham regarding her book, The Lolita Effect, and I hope you have had a chance to read the interview and have given serious thought to the issues involved with the sexualization of children, as the problems are only getting worse.

Well, Professor Durham has been kind enough to send me not one, but TWO SIGNED “Lolita Effect” books to give away to two very lucky readers. How cool is that?!

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the interview, I high recommend that you do and carefully consider what she had to say about the effects sexualized images in the media have on young children, and what we can do about it.

This book giveaway is for M. Gigi Durham’s book, The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It. The two lucky winners will be selected by random draw on Wednesday, June 4th and the winners will be notified by email, along with the request for full name and U.S. only address of where to send the book.

If you live within the U.S. and are interested in entering this random drawing, please leave a comment below indicating your interest in The Lolita Effect, but please do NOT leave your address at this time in order to protect your privacy. I will email the two winners privately and ask for the mailing addresses at the conclusion of the drawing.

Good Luck in this book giveaway! Laughing

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  1. Danielle says:

    I work in education–elementary to college level! Our kids are overwhelmed by the media! I’d love to read this book, please enter me in the drawing!

  2. Lin says:

    Danielle, I’m happy to enter you into the drawing. Good luck!

  3. Kind of embarrassed that I haven’t read it ALREADY based on my propensity for this subject matter where we deal with media & marketing’s impact on kids at Shaping Youth!

    Tell ya what, Lin, I’ll kick in a couple of copies of Packaging Girlhood written by two of our Shaping Youth board advisors, Dr. Sharon Lamb & Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown for your drawing…(no, it’s not a bribe, you know I’ll end up buying the Lolita Effect regardless 😉

    Just want to ‘pay it forward’ and get other folks realizing the depth of this prob pronto…as it’s quite soul-eroding stuff.

    We’ve been working on a film called “Body Blitz: Media, Shaping Youth”…(filmed on K-5 playgrounds) and it definitely mirrors the APA findings on damage to kids via objectification/early sexualization…

    On Shaping Youth click on ‘body image’ for an entire category and some counter-marketing tips to reverse this toxic trend…

    btw, fun to find your blog! Best, Amy

  4. Lin says:

    By random drawing, the two winners of The Lolita Effect are:

    Drumroll please……..

    Dad of Divas and Danielle! Congratulations to you both! You will be receiving an email from me requesting your mailing address, so be sure to watch for that. I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on the book once you’ve had a chance to read it. Congrats!