Boy Abandoned at Walmart in Frankfort Indiana

Boy Abandoned at Walmart in Frankfort IndianaBoy Abandoned At Walmart – A two-year-old Guatemalan boy was left abandoned at a Walmart in Frankfort, Indiana on Friday, with a note in his backpack. Police are searching for clues to his identity and are trying to locate the boy’s parents. The boy’s name is Martin, and was found at the Frankfort Indiana Walmart Friday in the fabric section carrying a backpack. Inside the boy’s backpack Frankfort police discovered clothes and a note written in Spanish.

The note, said to be written by the mother, said her husband had left her and she had no place for the boy to live, and no means to feed him. “They’re asking he be taken care of and she was no longer able to care for the child and she was leaving the area,” said Frankfort police detective Jeff Ward.

Child Protective Services said parents of older children like Martin need to ask for help, not abandon their child in a public place like Walmart where he could be abducted. Indiana’s baby Safe Haven law does allow parents to leave children less than 30 days old with an emergency medical provider like a hospital or fire department with no questions asked and no consequences. But, “Not all families are covered by the Safe Haven. That only really counts for brand new infants,” said Tippecanoe County Child Protective Services Director Angela Smith Grossman.

Currently, Martin is with a foster family in Clinton County, but police continue to search for his family. The Frankfort Indiana Walmart will review surveillance tapes to see if the person who left the boy can be identified. Child Protect Services asks anyone with information about Martin call 800-800-5556.

Spanish-speaking or not, financially desperate or not, are parents really this crazy, to just abandon this boy like a dirty old shoe?!

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  1. Lin says:

    Hi Margaret! It’s nice to “meet” you! 🙂

    The midlifebloggers site is very cool, isn’t it?

  2. Jenn says:

    This story absolutely broke my heart. As a mother I could not imagine doing such a thing. The only thing I can think is that this woman obviously did not know that there are resources for these kind of situations.
    On the other hand, don’t immigrants come here for the resources and a chance at a better life? It makes me ill to think of that poor little boy, scared in a strange place… not knowing why this has happened to him. They don’t even know if this woman was actually his mother. So sad.

  3. Lin says:

    Hi Jenn. I really hope the whole situation with this little boy is resolved soon, and he doesn’t have years of emotional pain and turmoil to contend with. At least that’s my hope. To be left abandoned as a young boy in unfamiliar surroundings must have terrified him. I haven’t heard or read any updates on the story about the little boy, but I sure hope everything works out for him.

  4. Cami says:

    I will give this wonderful little boy a home forever. My family would love to show him what a really family is.

  5. Candice says:

    I prayed that God would help in finding the mother, because that little boy needs her more than anything, no matter what struggles she may have.

  6. hugo hernandez says:

    well if we see the situacion from the mother side probably she was scare to ask for help especially with the us laws against ilegal people, have u people think what happen to ilegal what the bush administration is doing to them, you people should blame first to the us goverment , for not helping people in need they rather espent billions and billions of your tax dollar killing inocent child and womens over seas than espend it in the us on helping the most poorest in the us

  7. Tracy says:

    Hugo, I’d suggest that if you don’t like what you’ve got here in the good ole USA then you go back where you came from!…

    If people would go through LEGAL channels to come to the USA then there wouldn’t be a reason to be afraid to ask for help now would there?..

  8. guatwithlove says:

    My heart goes out to this boy and his mother. It is likely that she tried to give up her child in an effort to give him a better life. This is not uncommon in Guatemalan culture when parents find themselves in terrible situations. We, as Americans who have lived our whole lives in this country, cannot judge this mother and her situation. There is nothing harder than giving up your child to offer him/her a better life. Please reach into your hearts to find compassion for this mother and her son.

  9. Sanity says:

    As a perfectly born and raised American, I can see things from the mother’s point of view. Living conditions in other countries are HORRID. And if you wait for a visa who knows how badly things will deteriorate. She came to the US with a man, her husband and baby’s father, whom she was expecting, as I’m sure all wives hope for, would still be around to help support her and her child. He split and left her with less than the nothing that she had when she came over. So here she is, illegal, no hope of getting a job (assuming Indiana has the e-verify law like AZ has) and no hope of feeding her child. It’s not like she abandoned him in the parking lot where any number of bad things could have happened to him….No, she left him in the fabric section, with some hope that a kind, maternal sort would find and be able to take care of him. She was doing what she felt was if not right, the best option she could possibly give her son. Yes there are Safe Haven laws, but they only work for a brand new infant. Where would you have had her take him instead, the police station? Where they would ask all sorts of questions about her immigration status and what not?

    You really shouldn’t judge her for making what she hoped was a good decision for her offspring.