Six Flags Accident Over Georgia Teen Decapitated

Six Flags Batman RollercoasterA 17-year-old teenager, identified as Asia Leeshawn Ferguson from Columbia, South Carolina, was decapitated and killed by a roller coaster after he hopped a pair of fences and entered a restricted area around the Batman roller coaster on Saturday at Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park, according to official reports.

According to police and the amusement park officials, Ferguson and a friend climbed over two 6-foot fences, a wrought-iron style park perimeter fence and a second chain-link fence around the Batman ride, as a shortcut to get back into the park after lunch. Signs about 40 to 50 feet apart on the outer fence warn that it is a “restricted area” for “authorized personnel only.”

Ferguson and his parents were on a church outing when the incident occurred about 2 p.m. Saturday, June 29th. Authorities were investigating reports from witnesses who said the teenager jumped the fences to retrieve a hat he lost while riding the Batman roller coaster, said Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce.

Six Flags security and safety personnel responded immediately, and the Cobb County Fire Department was on site just minutes after the incident occurred. The medical examiner arrived on the scene and confirmed that the 17-year-old male was killed instantaneously.

Police said the ride was going full-speed at 50 mph when the teen was struck and killed. No one riding on the roller coaster was injured. The teen’s friend also entered the restricted area but was not injured.

As a teenager, I knew a girl who was severely injured when a Six Flags roller coaster went off the tracks and plunged all the riders onto the ground below. My teenage friend suffered head injuries and massive damage to both legs, and to this day she walks with the help of a cane. My heart goes out to Ferguson family. What a horrific ordeal for his family and friends to go through.

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  1. How dreadful. Despite how this happened or whose fault it was for ignoring warning/security signs, it is a tragic, tragic loss of a young life.
    I’m with you in my thoughts for his family and his friends.

  2. Lin says:

    Megan, this accident was a horrific accident. I can’t even imagine the shock this family is experiencing right now. Hearing the news of this young man dying from a Six Flags accident immediately brought back those awful memories of my teenage friend from way back. It really made me afraid of going on roller coasters for a long time, but gradually I overcame my fears. I feel so bad for this family.

  3. Frugal Dad says:

    What a horrific tragedy. Hopefully it is a cautionary tale to others to stay out of restricted areas – they are restricted for a reason. Must have been so sad for family to find out the news while in another area in the park.

  4. Lin says:

    Frugal Dad, it really is important that kids of all ages understand the safety rules of amusement parks are there for their own good, and never ignore posted warning signs.

  5. Hi Lin, I won’t even try to imagine what it’s like to loose a kid. It is truly a parent’s worst nightmare, and I too feel for the family. That said, there is a difference between your friend and those who are hurt that have gotten tickets and are riding the ride, and people that climb two six foot fences and get hit by the ride. Fortunately, the odds of either happening are very low. Still, a tragic story, and as you point out, it highlights the importance of teaching safety, following the rules (there is a reason for them), and looking both ways before crossing the street or running out to retrieve a ball. ~ Steve

  6. Lin says:

    Steve, there is absolutely a difference between what happened to this boy and the accident that injured my friend. I was simply trying to say that hearing the news of this boy jolted back the memory of when my friend was hurt, not trying to make a comparison at all.

  7. hi Lin, I understand. And I also understand that for the family it doesn’t matter why or how, it is a horrible loss.
    This story makes me think that it’s a good time to step outside and take a deep breath, enjoy a bit of sunshine, and be thankful for all that’s well, and more importantly, how lucky we are. ~ Steve

  8. Taylor says:

    This is really a horrible thing to have happen. Unfourtunately it resulted in this boy dieing. I am SO sorry for this family and they have my sympathy. Hopefully this tragic incident will teach others to read and follow signs especially if you know theres probably a good chance of you getting injured.


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