Tim Russert’s Wake: Mourners Pay Respects to Tim Russert

Tim Russert’s Wake - Mourners Pay Respects to Tim RussertThousands of mourners, friends, colleagues and strangers joined President Bush and wife, Laura Bush, at St. Albans School Tuesday in Northwest Washington for Tim Russert’s closed-casket public wake to pay their last respects to Tim Russert. The wake is scheduled to continue until 9 p.m. Tuesday at the school located at Massachusetts and Wisconsin avenues in northwest Washington.

Many of the mourners had never actually met Tim, the host of the Sunday-morning talk show “Meet the Press”, but some felt like they knew him just the same. Russert, who was also the Washington bureau chief for NBC News, died last Friday of a heart attack at the age of 58.

Tim’s son, Luke, is a graduate of the school where the wake was held. Russert’s body arrived at the school at about 1:30 p.m., and a long line of mourners extended through the campus and onto Wisconsin Avenue.

On Monday morning‘s “Today” show, Luke Russert talked about how he and his mother are coping and dealing with his father’s death. “It’s definitely taking its toll on her,” he said. “She grieves like a wife, and I grieve like a son, so it’s different kinds of grieving, but we’re definitely in the same boat. We miss my father immensely.”

A private funeral and memorial service for Tim Russert will be held on Wednesday morning. Russert’s family has requested that the public respect their wishes by attending the public service (the wake) on Tuesday and not the private service on Wednesday, as the memorial service is by invitation-only at Washington‘s Kennedy center in the afternoon.

Tim, we miss you already. Rest in Peace.

Images of the closed-casket wake held on Tuesday.

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6 Responses to “Tim Russert’s Wake: Mourners Pay Respects to Tim Russert”

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  1. Holly Kay says:

    I loved watching Tim Russert. He was so upbeat, intelligent, and down to earth. Perfect commentator.

    He’s just not someone I ever would have expected to read this about so soon…Very sad.

  2. Lin says:

    Holly, it really is so incredibly sad. I’ve kept my eyes peeled for every tidbit of info or updates on the funeral service arrangements and whether the funeral would be televised or not, and I’m glad the family is having the service be private. They do deserve to have this private time to say their final goodbyes without being under a microscope (or cameras).

  3. Salman says:

    Tim Russert has always been one of the best commentator for my frnds and myself…

    this is all that I can say…love him!!


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