Ask Me Anything – What Do You Want to Know?

Ask Me AnythingAsk me anything! Ask me any question you like, within certain reasonable boundaries of course, and I’ll answer the questions in an upcoming post. What do you want to know?

I’m always pleased to see the increasing numbers of subscribed readers and I want to welcome all new subscribers to Telling It Like It Is. I also get a steady stream of private emails from visitors who have questions or comments on various articles but don’t want to ask publicly, and that’s understandable for many reasons.

I thought it might be interesting for subscribed readers and lurkers to drop in and say hello and ask a question or two. Do you have a question you’ve been wanting to ask me but haven’t as of yet?

Now’s your chance to ask me anything, but let’s keep it clean. Let’s keep the questions relevant to the categories and topics written here, whether it’s about kids, teens, parents, relationships, marriage, religion, blogging, etc.

Do you have a question for me? Ask me anything! Leave me a comment below with your question.

We’ll see how this goes this time, and I’ll decide later if “ask me anything” will become a regular feature or not. Ask away!

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8 Responses to “Ask Me Anything – What Do You Want to Know?”

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  1. Carrie Ann says:

    Hi Lin,

    I don’t really have a question but just a thank you for what you write about child abuse. I was abused when I was little and am still trying to heal, but I’m getting better. Thank you for writing from the heart.

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Carrie, I’m glad those articles have been helpful to you. I’ve also enjoyed talking with you through email this afternoon. You’re doing a great job at healing the wounds from the past, so keep it up and you’ll be fine.

  3. hi Lin,
    My question is: Did you ever see the movie “The Thing About My Folks” with Peter Falk and Paul Reiser?
    I saw it a while back and think I need to rent it again. It got mixed reviews, and I was never a big “Mad About You” fan, but I really liked this movie. There’s a scene in it where Falk and Reiser are sitting on the side of a hill after a night out on the town I think, and Falk says something. I wish I could find a quote of what he said, which is why I might have to rent it again.
    Anyway, that’s my question…
    ~ Steve, aka Mr Display Booths

  4. Hi Lin,

    I know it’s not the purpose of this post, but I don’t really have a question either …

    To be honest, I’m really impressed how good a job you already do at coming up with interesting and useful post topics.

    I know I haven’t dropped by too often lately (sorry), but I do read every single one of your articles as soon as I see it in my reader.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. hi Lin,
    I’ll let it slide that you didn’t answer my question on the movie above. 🙂
    But I did think of your blog the other day, and then had to find this post again.
    I saw a news story on Michael Phelps endorsing Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, and some angry parent “advocates” (sugary cereals are supposedly bad for you). I personally don’t care if Michael is on the front of the box – I don’t eat them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ate some as a kid – just about everything in MODERATION is ok! Anyway, one of the advocates complained about how he (Michael) was making it hard for parents, because they would have to tell their little darlings “no” when they were walking down the cereal isle at the supermarket.
    What do you think? If you haven’t read the story, it might be the subject of a post?
    ~ Steve (aka Mr Display Booths, and a parent that has no problem saying no, even if Michael Phelps is on the box!

  6. Lin says:

    Hi Steve, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question. I was actually thinking/planning of doing a whole post with answers to questions but this one sorta died a slow fast death it seems.

    This post (if you wanna call it that) was a somewhat lame way of trying to get my 300 or so sub’s (depending on the day I check on feedburner) to jump in and say hi. Oh well. That’s one of the problems I see of RSS feeds as opposed to email.

    I have not seen or heard of that movie with Peter Falk. I’m clueless on that one.

    I haven’t heard about the cereal commercial or the child advocates being in an uproar, but I can definitely see why some parents would be upset. It’s called Product Placement, and children are definitely being targeted by marketers on all fronts, with cereal being just one of many. I’ll check into it. Thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve not been feeling well (migraines) lately, so I’ve missed on my normal posting schedule. Plus one of our AC’s went out (downstairs of course…argh) and we’re dealing with that $$$$ expense and getting that all taken care of. Basically, I’ve been so swamped with everything, that I just this moment realized I hadn’t informed the winners of my recent book giveaway! Argh!!! (kicking myself….)

  7. Hi Lin,
    As you can see, I’m not that fast on responding either, so no worries. I’ve had the occasional headache, but never migraines. Ouch! And losing the A/C would be bad. I can’t work when it’s too hot. Anyway, I highly recommend the Peter Falk movie, and will be interested to see if you get a chance to look into Michael Phelps’ endorsement criticism (I think he’s endorsing McDonalds too). Now I’ve just got to find the time to read your post on “Getting Outside”, which I’m going to do right now. I need a break.
    ~ Steve, aka the “display booths” guy

  8. Lin says:

    Hi Steve,

    The A/C people are here today replacing the whole unit. Cha-Ching! We’re talking about possibly renting some movies this weekend, so I’ll see if the Peter Falk movie is in Blockbuster’s inventory. 🙂

    McDonald’s too? Hmm. I’ll look into what Michael Phelps’ is up to as soon as I complete the post I’m currently working on for Monday hopefully.

    The migraines come and go, with some days being worse than others. Med’s only help to a point, then it’s a matter to time and rest before they go away. Again. 🙁

    Fortunately, we have two A/C’s for our house, so it’s not been too terribly hot in here. More like uncomfortable, but we’re holding up alright. (Hey AC guys! Hurry up!) LOL