Hurricane Gustav: How You Can Help Hurricane Gustav Evacuees

Urgent help is needed for Hurricane Gustav evacuees, as Hurricane Gustav is blasting the Gulf Coast today in full force, and information on how you can help Hurricane Gustav evacuees and families still reeling from Hurricane Katrina is available.

Donations of money can do a lot to help evacuees and their families by donating money to the American Red Cross. Donations can be made online or by donating through Google Checkout, by mail, by wire transfer, by phone donations, donating spare change and other ways to provide monetary help for those in need.

Dallas and Fort Worth Texas officials are asking that those interested in donating or volunteering register through the Volunteer Center of North Texas at either (866) 797-8268 or on their website. The North Texas Food Bank is accepting donations of money through their website, but are presently not in need of food donations at this time.

The Salvation Army is also accepting monetary donations to help fund expenses related to providing disaster relief. Donations may be made by calling (800) SAL-ARMY or going to their website.

Local residents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area are asked not to drop donations at the Dallas Convention Center shelter location, nor are people to go to the Convention Center to offer volunteer assistance. Donations and volunteering should be done through the agencies listed above, or by contacting your favorite local charity.

The United Way of Denton County is accepting donations of money by check (or cash) to their Disaster Relief Fund at (940) 566-2688, or by going to their website to help evacuees relocated to the Denton Texas shelters by official transportation buses or aircraft.

The American Red Cross has issued this statement for Hurricane Gustav Evacuees and Families:

If you or your loved ones are in the potentially affected areas, register yourself on the Red Cross Safe and Well Website at, or call a loved one and ask them to register you. The Red Cross provides this online tool to help families and individuals notify loved ones that they are safe during an emergency, which can help bring peace of mind in challenging times.

The Safe and Well website is easy to use:

  1. Visit, and click on the Safe and Well link
  2. If you are currently being affected by these disasters, click: “List Myself as Safe and Well,” enter your pre-disaster address and phone number, and select any of the standard message options
  3. If you are concerned about a loved one, click “Search” and enter the person’s name and pre-disaster phone number or address. If they have registered, you will be able to view the messages that they posted
  4. If you don’t have internet access, you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800- 733-2767) to register yourself and your family. Follow the prompts for disaster information.

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and now this. If you can help evacuees by donating money, even a small amount, these families will be provided the help they desperately need. FEMA did a horrific job with the Katrina Hurricane still fresh in everyone’s minds, so let’s do our part to help victims of Hurricane Gustav, with or without FEMA.

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  1. Hi Lin,

    Thanks for posting this information. I’ve been watching the coverage, and fortunately (so far) it appears that thing won’t be as bad as they could have. There will still be the need for help though.

    I hope you don’t get rained on too much by the remnants.


  2. Lin says:

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve also been watching the reports on tv, and the latest I heard was there is concern about a levee that is leaking and whether it will break and flood the surrounding area.

    Our DFW area has received around 45,000 evacuees that have been spread around surrounding suburbs, and there is definite need of donations as well as volunteers.

  3. lexi says:

    i’m eleven years old and i’m putting together a group to help the kids that lost everything in hurricane gustav.I know how fortunate i am and how i can make a differeance.Just a smile can make somebody’s day:)

  4. Lin says:

    Lexi, I’m very proud of you. Putting together a group to help victims of hurricane gustav is a wonderful thing to do. I’m sure your parents are proud of you too, as you are showing generosity and compassion towards those less fortunate then yourself. And from what I’m hearing on the news, there’s a strong possibility that Hurricane Ike may may an blustery and brazen appearance on the Texas and Louisiana coasts too. Of course, that depends on what news station people listen to, as the projected path of hurricane Ike is still uncertain. Good job Lexi!


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