Most Popular Christmas Toys for Kids – Christmas Toys for Boys and Girls

Top 10 List of Christmas Toys for Boys, Girls, Babies and Toddlers

Many of the most popular Christmas toys in 2008 for boys, girls, babies and toddlers are included in the list of the hottest Christmas toys of 2008, and it’s important to buy these toys before they sell out and parents have disappointed children come Christmas morning. This is a guide list of Christmas toys for kids to help you find Christmas gifts for your children and other kids on your Christmas list, starting with Christmas toys for boys, then Christmas toys for girls and finally, Christmas toys for babies and toddlers.

Christmas Toys for Boys:

  • Playstation 3 is the latest version of Playstation, and the popularity of PS continues on with new playstation games and accessories sure to please any boy you are buying Christmas gifts for.
  • Harry Potter toys are amongst the most popular Christmas gifts for both boys and girls and are listed as a favorite by kids who are Harry Potter fans.
  • Batman Dark Knight toys for Batman movie fans are cool Christmas toys for boys, and if you’ve seen the movie, you likely understand how popular these toys are as Christmas gifts this year.
  • iPods also made the list of the most popular Christmas toys for children in 2008
  • Nintendo Wii and games for boys (and girls) is listed as one of the best “must have” Christmas gifts this year

Christmas Toys for Girls:

  • Jewelry and bead-making kits are on the list of hot toys for girls this year, encouraging active play that inspire creativity and girls feel proud of things they’ve made
  • Nintendo Wii one of the hottest Christmas gifts for girls this year, and the Nintendo Wii Fit is expected to top 3 million sales this year alone
  • Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld video game system expected to be sold out before Christmas due the high demand for girls (and boys)

Christmas Toys for Babies and Toddlers:

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  1. renita says:

    Although those are very good choices for Christmas gifts I didn’t see Little Pet Shop or Baby Einsten toys.

    My child loves playing with those Little Pet Shop toys. These are one of the few toys she will actually sit down and play with for more than a half hour, which is shocking b/c everything else is “I want it that” and the next day it’s buried away underneath another toy she thought would be fun. All her friends have these little pets and I think they’re really cute too.

    For babies, I think the best toys are made by Baby Einstein. My child grew up with the tapes and a few items, but now there are so many toys to chose from. Not only do they make them so colorful, to keep a baby’s attention, but the toys are designed to expand your baby’s developing mind. Check them out!

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Renita, it took me a minute or two to remember Baby Einstein. I think I’ve heard of those toys through Jennifer Garner? Baby Einstein toys for babies and toddlers are adorable; I wish I had remembered to add them in this article. Hopefully next time I’ll remember.

  3. wilson says:

    Hmm…, it seems like it’s the natural rules of attraction, where the boys loved robotic and gadgets stuffs, while the girls liked all those barbie and glittering stickers things!

    However, I found out that the “Harry Potter” books is the most suitable gift to all the boys and girls, isn’t it, Lin?

  4. Lin says:

    Wilson, both girls and boys love Harry Potter toys and books; everything and anything about Harry Potter makes for a some of the best, if not hottest, Christmas toys for kids whether boy or girl.


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