TOP 40 Children’s Magazines

Children’s books will continue to be very popular for kids who enjoy reading, but children’s magazines and kid magazine subscriptions that arrive in the mail are a great way to spark a child’s interest in reading, with magazines being one of the things kids often put on their gift wish-list as a Birthday present or as the holidays approach.

Kids magazines are not only cheap, with many kid magazines offering free trials, but they offer a wide range of interesting stories, picture illustrations, games, puzzles, crafts and art projects for children and teens that help promote reading and widen a child’s interests and imagination. Magazines for kids, tweens and teens, also provides many opportunities to improve a child’s grades and academics in school, with many of the most popular kid magazines being educational as well as a fun and enjoyable past-time.

TOP 40 Magazines for Children and Teens:

Ranger Rick1. Ranger Rick Ages 7 and Up: Published Monthly. Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner! Time For Kids2. Time for Kids All Ages: National Bestseller and Award Winner! Science related topics; planets, animals, insects and more.
Highlights for Children3. Highlights Ages 2-8: Published Monthly. Award Winning Magazine the whole family can enjoy. Your Big Backyard4. Your Big Backyard Ages 3-7: Published Monthly. Filled with fun activities, simple stories and crafts, easy recipes and fun games for kids.
Kids Discov5. Kids Discover Ages 6-12: Published Monthly. Science and Social Studies. Wild Animal Baby6. Wild Animal Baby Ages 1-4 yrs: 10 Magazines per year. Animal photos & short picture stories and fun activities.
Muse7. Muse Ages 7 & Up: 9 issues per year. Space, genetics, physics, math, visual arts, earth sciences. Ladybug8. Ladybug Ages 3-6: 9 Issues per year. Charming characters, activities, songs, poems and stories for kids to enjoy.
Click9. Click Ages 3-6: 9 Issues per year. Science, nature and environment articles. Zoo Books10. Zoobooks Ages 5-12: Published Monthly. Kids enjoy these photos of animals and interactive activity pages.
Ask11. Ask Ages 6-9: 9 Issues per year. Fun activities and articles, photos, games and puzzles. Babybug12. Babybug Birth – 3 Yrs: 9 Issues per year. Colorful pictures, simple rhymes and stories that babies and parents enjoy together.
Spider13. Spider Ages 6-9: 9 Issues per year. Great stories, poems, articles, and illustrations from around the world. National Geographic Little Kids14. National Geographic Little Kids Ages 6-14: Published Bi-Monthly. Fun magazine with photos, stories and games for kids.
Calliope15. Calliope Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. World History magazine. Napoleon, Tang Dynasty, Galileo and more. Dig16. Dig Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. Science and archaeology, mummies, pyramids and more.
Cricket17. Cricket Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. Filled with stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, science and nature. Chirp18. Chirp Ages 3-6: 10 Issues per year. Read-out-loud stories, illustrations, interactive puzzles, games and crafts.
ChickaDEE19. ChickaDEE Ages 6-9: 10 Issues per year. Interactive games, science experiments, photos, illustrations and stories to educate and entertain. Appleseeds20. Appleseeds Ages 6-9: 9 Issues per year. Award-winning magazine filled with non-fiction reading and social studies topics for kids.
KNOW21. KNOW: the Science Magazine for Curious Kids Ages 6-9: Published Bi-Monthly. Introduces science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun way. Kid Zone22. Kid Zone Ages 4-12: Published Bi-Monthly. Craft activities, kid-friendly games, puzzles, trivia, recipes, jokes, and stories.
Faces23. Faces Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. Social Studies, stories of history and traditions of people and places. Cicada24. Cicada Ages 12- UP: Published Bi-Monthly. Fiction and poetry; issues of growing up and becoming an adult.
Children’s Digest25. Children’s Digest Ages 9-12: Published Bi-Monthly. Health, fitness & environment, puzzles and cartoons. Family Fun26. FamilyFun All Ages: 10 Issues per year. *Editor’s Pick! Crafts, fun activities, recipes, party ideas, travel tips, and more!
Discovery Girls27. Discovery Girls Ages 8 & UP: Published Bi-Monthly. Middle school challenges, inspiring stories of exceptional teens, sports, contests, quizzes and more. Owl28. Owl Ages 9-13: 10 Issues per year. Science, how things work, quizzes, contests and puzzles.
Nickelodeon29. Nickelodeon Ages 6-14: Published Bi-Monthly. Fun magazine with contests, puzzles, Q&A articles and more. Sports Illustrated Kids30. Sports Illustrated Kids Ages 8 & UP: Published Monthly. Sports topics and interviews with sports heroes kids will enjoy and funny comics.
Cobblestone31. Cobblestone Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. Award Winning American history magazine. Kiki32. Kiki Ages 9-14: 4 Issues per year. Award winning fashion magazine for girls to develop self-confidence and creativity.
Odyssey33. Odyssey Ages 9-14: 9 Issues per year. Award winning Science magazine allows kids to explore everything about science. Highlights High Five34. Highlights High Five Ages 2-6: Published Monthly. Read-aloud stories, puzzles and activities for young children.
Disney and Me35. Disney and Me Ages 2-6: Published Bi-Monthly. Join Pooh and his friends with exciting stories, drawings, matching, counting and coloring fun projects. Humpty Dumpty’s36. Humpty Dumpty’s Ages 4-8: Published Bi-Monthly. Stimulating young imaginations with fiction, poems, puzzles and crafts.
Boys Life37. Boys Life Ages 7-18: Published Monthly. Award winning magazine for all boys. Fiction, history, outdoors, non-fiction, science, sports and more. Pack o Fun38. PACK O FUN All Ages: Published Bi-Monthly. Craft magazine for children, featuring simple crafts, seasonal decorations, skits, and fun ideas.
Imagine39. Imagine Ages 12-18: Published Bi-Monthly. Winner of four Parents Choice Gold Awards. Written for gifted teens.
American Girl40. American Girl Ages 8 & UP: Published Bi-Monthly. Great alternative to “teen” magazines with advice, crafts, contests, puzzles, games and giggles.

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  1. When I was a kid, my mum and dad used to buy me a lot of children magazines with puzzles, funny stories, interesting pictures and comics. I am of course out of this now but if I have children, I’ll no doubts will buy magazines for them too (and restrict the Internet usage 🙂 ).


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