Books on Sexual Abuse-Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse-Healing Sexual Abuse

Healing the wounds of child sexual abuse and overcoming the effects of molestation or sexual assault is not impossible. Survivors of sexual abuse must develop the courage to heal from the past, and reading sexual abuse books may be thought of self-help for victims of sexual assault, rape or child molestation, that helps child and adult survivors work through the emotional healing of the wounded heart.

Child molestation statistics show that the long term effects of molestation on children can have detrimental effects on victims of sexual abuse, lasting throughout their adult lives and negatively affecting adult relationships and marriages. Healing sexual abuse is possible, and both child and adult victims will benefit greatly from reading about sexual child abuse in order to break free from the emotional damage child molesters inflict on their victims. Now is the time to find the courage to heal the wounds.

Child and Teen Survivors of Sexual Abuse:

Adult Male and/or Female Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse:

For Partners of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors:

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  1. That’s a great list Lin. I’ll refer some of my women to it.
    Do you know about the Teddy Tour as a collective voice for survivors:?
    Imaginif is displaying the Teddies and their story tags in a garden walk on October 31. Would be great to have more international tags from survivors of sexual assault.

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Megan, thank you for mentioning the Teddy Tour. I think it is an awesome project for survivors of child sexual abuse. Thanks again for bringing it up.

  3. mandyd53371 says:

    My counselor gave me “The Wounded Heart” and the workbook that went along with it. It was a huge part of my healing. I suggest that to any woman who was molested as a little girl.

  4. Lin says:

    Hi Mandy, The Wounded Heart is an excellent sexual abuse book, and I especially like the workbook idea for survivors to find healing from their experiences.


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