Guy Finley: The Secret of Letting Go

Guy Finley - The Secret of Letting GoGuy Finley is the best-selling author of The Secret of Letting Go and more than 36 other Finley books and audio albums that have sold over a million copies in 15 languages worldwide. Finley’s self-realization seminars to thousands of Guy Finley fans throughout North America and Europe, as well as Finley’s guest appearances on over 400 television and radio shows, has received widespread endorsements by doctors, business professionals, celebrities and religious leaders of all denominations praising Finley’s audio albums, books, DVDs, eBooks, tapes and CDs.

Guy Finley, born February 22, 1949, son of late-night talk show pioneer and celebrity Larry Finley, has made national appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, Wisdom Network, amongst many others. Finley’s radio program, Guy Finley Live, is a live chat that airs monthly on as part of the network’s Visionary Celebrity Host Series. Finley is also a faculty member of the Omega Institute, the nation’s largest and most trusted holistic education provider.

Before becoming the Director of Life of Learning Foundation, Guy Finley enjoyed success composing award-winning music for many popular recording artists including Diana Ross, Debbie Boone, The Jackson 5, Billy Preston, The Four Seasons, as well as Guy’s work in television and motion pictures as an actor and writing music scores for several motion pictures and TV shows. From 1970-1979, Finley wrote and recorded his own albums under the Motown and RCA recording labels.

In 1979, Finley chose to retire from his music career to simplify his life and to concentrate on deeper self-studies, traveling throughout North America, India and the Far East in search of truth and Higher Wisdom. As co-founder of the nationally recognized self-development program, “Success Without Stress”, Guy now travels and lectures nationwide on the principles of Higher Life, helping millions live fuller, more peaceable lives with his new flagship program Secrets of Being Unstoppable.

Secrets of Being Unstoppable

Guy Finley’s Secrets of Being Unstoppable audio package is a collection of 16 groundbreaking CD audio talks that explain how to transform our limitless inborn potential into the reality of a truly limitless life! CD titles include:

  1. The Secret of Being Unstoppable
  2. The Three Pillars of Spiritual Power
  3. Secrets of Higher, Happier Spiritual Power
  4. 5 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless
  5. The Power to Let Go and Live in the Now
  6. The Will and the Way to Win in Life
  7. Freedom to Forgive: the Power to Put the Past Behind You
  8. Four Steps to Turn Any Problem Into a Pleasant Surprise
  9. Relax Your Way to a Richer Life
  10. The Eight Great False Responsibilities of Life
  11. Awaken the Greatness Within
  12. Attract the Happiness Your Heart Longs For
  13. Go Beyond Guilt and Regret to Realize a New You
  14. 5 Words to Make You the Master of Your Life
  15. 10 Traits of Spiritually Productive People
  16. Awaken the Power of Your Supernatural Self

Guy Finley’s Free Self-Improvement Starter Kit includes the immensely practical ’30 Keys to Change Your Destiny’ ebook; a phenomenal 7-min MP3 audio program, ‘Seek the Source of Self-Perfection’; a stirring online video program, ‘What Your Heart Has Been Longing to Hear’; plus two helpful posters, ‘5 Great Lessons to Help You Let Go and Live In the Now’ and ‘7 Laws of Fearless Living.’ A $47 combined value.

Finley Books by Guy Finley

  1. The Secret of Letting Go 
  2. Freedom From the Ties That Bind
  3. Design Your Destiny: The Power to Shape Your Future
  4. The Intimate Enemy: Winning the War Within Yourself
  5. The Lost Secrets of Prayer: Practices for Self-Awakening
  6. Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living
  7. Apprentice of the Heart
  8. Let Go and Live in the Now: Awaken the Peace, Power and Happiness in Your Heart
  9. 365 Days to Let Go: Daily Insights to Change Your Life
  10. NEW! The Essential Laws of Fearless Living: Find the Power to Never Feel Powerless Again

Guy Finley’s Audio Tapes and CD’s

  1. Education of the Soul: Answering the Longing for Immortality
  2. Liberation of Consciousness
  3. Living Now: Secrets of the Extraordinary Life
  4. Seven Powers: Building Bridges to Your Higher Possibility
  5. Secrets of Being Unstoppable
  6. Seven Steps to Oneness: Journey to a Whole New Life
  7. Teachings of the Timeless Kindness (On Clearance in the “Special Value Center”)
  8. The Genesis of Love: Relationship Magic in Heaven and on Earth
  9. The Heart & Soul of Freedom: Liberation From Limitation
  10. The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self
  11. The Meditative Life
  12. The Turning Point: The Power of a Life Awakened

Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable

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  1. Hi Lin,
    I may have been living under a rock, but I’ve never heard of Guy Finley. Thanks for letting me know about him. The fact that he was a composer, a successful composer, is quite interesting. I wouldn’t mind hearing him speak if I ever get the chance, as I like positive people.
    BTW, if you get a chance, could you read my latest post? Since you’re a social networker, maybe you could give Will a little help with his post (assuming you think it is worthy).
    Steve (aka the trade show guru) 🙂

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Steve, Guy Finley is amazing. I’m quite familiar with many of the “Finley Books” and am a big fan of The Secret of Letting Go, amongst others.

  3. wilson says:

    Instead of an American great writer, philosopher and spiritual teacher, Guy Finley is also an talented songwriter and musician as well!

    I read his books, and by the way, Lin. Have you ever read “Freedom From the Ties That Bind”? This book is exceptional brilliant!

  4. Maneet Puri says:

    I had never heard of Guy Finley before.. But after reading your post.. I’m sure gonna check out some of his books!


  5. Lin says:

    Wilson, Guy Finley’s book Freedom From the Ties That Bind is on my Christmas wish list for this year. I’ve read a few other books by Finley and he is a great author for sure.

    Maneet, I’m glad I could bring your attention to Guy Finley books. He is an excellent author.

  6. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Lin – I feel knackered just reading about all the stuff he’s done.

    So that means I’ll probably benefit from his stuff and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of his free starter kit – thanks.

    These folk that get all this stuff done really amaze me – they must have a special way of doing stuff, that’s different to unorganized folk like me.

  7. Lin says:

    Cath, it’s pretty inspiring to me to read Guy Finley’s books, as my hubby has been telling me that I need to write a book myself. Finley’s positive approach to life and dealing with a variety of obstacles we all face day to day makes for a very good read.