Blog Theme Change and New Blog Hosting Company

Please pardon our dust

I’ve been toying around with the idea that it was time to change blog themes for Telling It Like It Is for awhile now, so when circumstances arose for me to get a new hosting company for the site, I began researching WordPress Magazine Themes to find one I liked.

The new theme and new hosting server will happen very soon, so I’m giving visitors and subscribed readers the heads up that things are about to look a bit different around here.

After spending a few weeks looking at a wide variety of free WordPress themes, especially free magazine themes for WordPress blogs, I’m excited and relieved that I didn’t have to purchase a premium WordPress theme in order to be happy with the new look.

The Visionary Magazine Theme it is! There are many things I like about the Visionary theme for WordPress blogs, but I’m most excited about implementing some of the best WordPress plugins for WordPress blogs, if not the best WordPress plugins that will be used with the new theme.

For starters, the CommentLuv plugin will allow a blogger’s most recent blog post to appear in the comment section along with your comment, which helps to showcase your own posts for anyone interested in your topic, including me. That’s just one way I have found a variety of blogs to subscribe to myself, and I am thrilled to begin using CommentLuv with the new theme.

Related Posts plugin! Yes! I’ve been having to manually add each and every related post link within each article, and have been routinely digging back into my archived posts to edit in new related post links as well. But no more of that time-consuming nonsense!

I get emails from search engine visitors on a regular basis asking permission to share one or more of my articles/posts with a friend or relative, especially those related to the “helping vs. enabling” and “Entitlement Epidemic” articles, so I’m hoping to include an easy way for visitors and subscribed readers to share blog post articles of interest by email and the ability to print off articles whenever someone chooses to.

There may be a bit of tweaking to do with the new theme, so please pardon our mess while everything is put in its proper place. Anytime there is a change in blog hosting companies, there is the possibility of a few lost comments initially, but hopefully we’ll luck out and not lose any at all.

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  1. Rudy says:

    Indeed, I still don’t know why anyone would pay for a “premium” theme if the good & free ones are still available. Anyone with little WordPress knowledge and don’t mind to spend time tweaking, the free themes are just fine.

    I’m looking forward to see your new layout.

  2. Lin says:

    Rudy, the new look is going to be great! I’m so excited about the CommentLuv plugin and the Related Post plugin! Whoohoo!

  3. wilson says:

    A change will make “telling it like it is” better, Lin and I supported the change 110%! 🙂

  4. hey Lin,
    Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing what your new design looks like, though I think the “old” one is just fine. 🙂
    I never judge a book by it’s cover, but look for the content inside, and judging by that standard, your “book” is second to none. 🙂
    ~ Steve, aka Mr displays, and a fellow mean parent

  5. Lin says:

    Hi Steve, Happy New Yeat to you too!

    I’m looking forward to the new theme, and it should be up sometime over the coming weekend, if all goes well.

  6. Hey Lin,
    You are slipping… your comment reply took 61 minutes. 🙂 And I won’t even give you a hard time about “Happy New Yeat”, or did I just do that? 🙂 You must still be in partial vacation mode!
    Good luck this weekend the update… sometimes they are a piece of cake, sometimes not!
    ~ Steve, aka Mr. displays, and just teasing.

  7. Lin says:

    Hi Steve,

    First day back after the holidays is always tough. Maybe I should say the first few months after a vacation…, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Maybe. 🙂

    I won’t tease you (much) about “good luck with this weekend the update”. Missing word in there somewhere? 🙂

  8. hey Lin,
    LOL… Touche! And I even proof read my comment twice, I think, just to avoid something like this (I put “with” in the wrong place).
    Well, with this I will stop, and call it a draw. 🙂
    ~ Steve


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