Sarah Palin Calendar & Blokus Board Game #1 Amazon Best Gift

Sarah Palin announced on Friday that the Sarah Palin Calendar 2009 is currently the top selling item on Amazon’s list of “Office Products and Supplies”. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may not have made it to the White House, but she is a leader on Amazon’s best-seller list for holiday sales in 2008, saying the 2008 holiday season was its “best ever” with more than 6.3 million items ordered.

The 13-month Palin calendar contains 50 photos of Palin and her family, including some “never before seen photos” taken by long time Wasilla resident and photographer friend-of-Sarah Judy Patrick.

Blokus Board GameOther holiday bestsellers on Amazon included the Nintendo Wii, Samsung 52-Inch LCD HDTV, the Apple iPod Touch and the Blokus board game. Amazon did a great job as usual offering deals and driving customers to its site, adding that “the best possible prices” were frequently on

More consumers appear to have done their Christmas shopping online, especially during the last two weeks of the season when storms snowed many shoppers inside their homes.

Black Friday 2 has brought an onslaught of shoppers looking for the best deals online and offline. Day after Christmas online sales have retailers and outlets hoping to reap at least some of Amazon’s shopping appeal as the 2008 holiday season comes to a close.

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  1. wilson says:

    Talking about the Blokus, I’ve bought one as the X’mas gift for my cousin’s youngest son, Damien and he loved it very much, Lin.

    By the way, how’s your X’mas?

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Wilson, Christmas was wonderful. I was mostly surprised that I actually received some of my personal Christmas wish list items I posted about recently. That was cool!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hi Lin- thanks for stopping by MOMfo today and commenting on my NYE post! I’m happy to report I got two of the items on the Amazon bestseller list (no, not the Sarah Palin!) and I’m deeeeee-lighted with them!

  4. Lin says:

    Hi Lindsay, congrats! I’ve had my eye on the 52 inch HDTV but it’s just going to have to wait for now.

  5. Rudy says:

    Mashable just did the same story. Sort of. Honestly, I thought they stole your post. 🙂

  6. Lin says:

    Hi Rudy, yeah I saw that too. Jumped right on over there to check it out to make sure they weren’t guilty of content theft. I wonder where that post idea came from, hmm? 🙂