Family Watch Dog: Find Sex Offenders in Your Area at Family Watch Dog

watchdog Family Watch Dog: Find sex offenders in your area free! Are sex offenders living in your area? Did you know you can find sex offenders in your area, neighborhood and state in the U.S. for free? Yes you can, and you need to know where sex offenders, pedophiles and sexual predators live within your local area to help keep your children safe from becoming victims of molestation and/or rape, starting at Family Watch Dog. (NOT or Family is a free online sex offender registry that tracks sex offenders and where they live, updated on a daily basis, including a Family Watchdog map showing where sex offenders are currently living.

Family Watch Dog provides sex offender information, offender updates, statistics, FDA information, product recalls and much more. How many sex offenders live in your area and surrounding neighborhoods right now?

Knowing how to find registered sex offenders living near you, your children and family, can do much to protect children from becoming a victim of strangers seeking to molest and harm children.

Family Watchdog is the most visited online sex offender resource on the Internet, averaging 5 million visitors every month, with visitors looking to find sex offenders living nearby their homes and businesses.

Protecting children from child molesters, understanding the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, goes beyond the mistaken assumption that pedophiles and child molesters are most often strangers (“Stranger Danger”), people you and/or your children don’t know and have never met.

Learn the facts about child molestation in order to know and understand the harsh reality that sex offenders and pedophiles are living much closer than you might think possible. Keeping watch over your children by regularly searching the database is an absolute must for all parents and families, but don’t stop there.

Sex offenders, child molesters, sexual predators and pedophiles come from all walks of life and unfortunately…, many sex offenders haven’t been caught and put in jail yet because their victims don’t tell on their abusers because they are too afraid to tell or have been threatened in some way.

The effects of child molestation and/or rape are enormous for victims, survivors and families. Adult survivors of child sex abuse, molestation or rape often continue to feel those effects throughout their lives in their relationships, marriage and families, while desperately working towards finding some sense of healing from the past.

Find sex offenders in your area at, but don’t assume complete strangers are the ones you should be most concerned about.

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6 Responses to “Family Watch Dog: Find Sex Offenders in Your Area at Family Watch Dog”

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  1. wilson says:

    The child molestation and child abuse problems have spread like wild fire all across the nation. It’s good to have this types of program, Lin!

    • Lin says:

      Absolutely, Wilson. Having a way to find sex offenders living in and around our own neighborhoods is important for child protection and safety. Family Watch Dog is an excellent source of information on offenders, but there’s much more to child safety than that.

  2. I am so glad to have read this article. I have 2 beautiful girls aged 4 and 7 and I grow increasingly afraid of their safety playing even in our front yard because of so many horror stories. It’s comforting to know that there is a program such as these that will make our community better prepared. Thanks.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Joy,

      I’m glad this article is helpful for you. Family Watch Dog is an excellent source of information on finding sex offenders in your area. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sally A. Daigle says:

    It is a powerful resource when you can find Registered Offenders in your neighborhood. But what about the ones living under your noses that are not registered? The ones in your home or the ones who keep getting off? What do you do about them? You know what they are – they know what they are but no one else cares. Not registered but he lives among you. He lives in your neighborhood, he is your trusted friend, your children love him, he works with you, and he dates your daughter and is around your grandchildren, he and his family pretend he is a great guy, no one wants to see who he really is – he is hiding in your life now. If he was accused not once, not twice, but three times and blames other people for making up lies. Come on – open your eyes and look at who you see. Get away from the freak. He will manipulate his way out of trouble and you and your children’s lives will be in a whirlwind trying to do the right thing.

    • Lin says:

      Sally, you are absolutely right. That is why I have articles on this site about the fact that most of the sexual abuse cases involve those of the immediate family, family friends and people the abused victim knows. Articles like “Why don’t kids tell? when they are being sexually abused”, signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, and more.