Google Warning Visiting This Website May Harm Your Computer

pulling-hair-out If you’ve been seeing the Google warning message “Visiting this site may harm your computer”, you are not alone. Google officials have apologized for a glitch that blocked people from using the search engine for a short time on Saturday and warned that websites they wished to visit might harm their computers. Well, doesn’t that just beat all?!

A company official at Google said “each and every search result” from between 9:30 a.m. and 10:25 a.m. ET “likely resulted’ in the message, “This site may harm your computer.” I noticed the problem while creating the “Why Him Why Her” article, as I looked through my archived posts for my article discussing the difference between men and women, only to find the message “visiting this site may harm your computer”!

Vice-president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, writing in a Google blog, blamed the problem on human error. Mayer said Google flags search results with the warning if the site is known to install malicious software “in the background or otherwise surreptitiously.”

The message “visiting this site may harm your computer” popped up even for well-known, trusted sites because of an error in a list of web addresses compiled by a non-profit group that works with Google to protect users against visiting sites that could harm their computers. “This was clearly an error, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to our users,” Mayer said.

The warning also told internet users to click on a link to get more information on malware, a term for malicious software such as computer viruses and spy ware. In essence, Google caused a worldwide internet blacklist, making every website including Telling It Like It Is to appear to be harmful and dangerous.

Well, thanks a lot Google! You about gave me a heart attack wondering if this site had been hacked or something. Whoever caused the “human error” should get a serious tongue lashing at the very least, and he/she should be very happy that I’m not the boss at Google because they’d be without a job right now.

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  1. Cris Cohen says:

    It is kind of like putting in a Sesame Street DVD for your kids and seeing a message warning that “the following movie contains adult language and some nudity.” At first you are going to be too shocked to even move.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. Seeing that message appear on this site, especially coming from Google, really concerned me. I’m not thrilled that the glitch happened, but I’m relieved to know this site wasn’t the only website with the problem.

  2. wilson says:

    Thank goodness that everything is back on track now, Lin.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Wilson,

      Yes, thank goodness. Even though the “this site may harm your computer” message only lasted a couple of hours, it sure surprised those of us who were online at the time and caused quite a bit of concern as to what the cause was and if there was a legitimate reason that could cause harm to anyone’s computer visiting any sites.

  3. Janet Fox says:

    Oh.. I saw that too. I wonder how many valuable visitors did websites lose because of the “small’ Google glitch. And if the lost visitors are not very net-savvy.. they are permanently lost! This would have resulted in business loses for quite some businesses.

  4. Peggy says:

    I just started seeing this tonight. Because of another problem I had to do a full restore and start from zero. Not too bad, the netbook is less than a week old. Windows did some updates and I downloaded a POS software called Personal Antivirus. I have been getting the blocked message and thought it was due to that. I just spent hours hunting down all the files and deleting them since it won’t show up in add/remove unless you license it. I had to edit the registry etc. I thougt it was and still think it could be related. Is this a possiblity?

    • Lin says:

      Hi Peggy,

      I really don’t know the answer to your question. If you have run some really good anti spyware software and have all that cleaned up from your computer, and then run a full virus scan from good anti virus software, you may want to take your computer in to have it looked at. Sometimes viruses can attack your computer from visiting certain websites, but what this particular post is about…is that there way an entire day where every single website (no exception) on Google results showed a message on search results saying This website may harm your computer. The glitch was cleared up and shouldn’t be a problem now. If you haven’t yet found the source of the problem, it might be wise to take your computer in and get it checked. If you have a Comp USA, Best Buy has the “Geek Squad” and if you have a Fry’s Electronic Store near you, that may be an option too.