Oprah.com/bestlife: Oprah’s Best Life Diet Series with Bob Greene

oprah-on-o-magazine Oprah fell off the diet wagon and gained forty pounds in the past year or so, but that’s no big secret since Oprah went public discussing her struggle with weight by posing next to a skinnier picture of herself on the cover of January’s edition of O magazine.

Oprah’s Best Life Series with Bob Greene debuted recently on Oprah’s show, with Oprah discussing how her life became unbalanced, she stopped making herself a priority, was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, which caused Oprah to feel totally defeated.

With the help of Bob Greene’s book “The Best Life Diet Cookbook”, and the Best Life Diet Series found at oprah.com/bestlife, Oprah is again working towards regaining control over her eating habits and making herself a priority once again.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the struggles and difficulties of being on a diet, losing weight and trying to maintain a healthy weight like Oprah has, would likely not appreciate anyone taking heartless jabs at Oprah’s weight gain by poking fun and criticizing Oprah’s public admission of weighing 200 lbs again or Oprah’s diet series.

Oprah isn’t the first person to lose weight, gain weight, lose weight and gain it all back again, and Oprah won’t be the last. I, for one, wish Oprah the best of luck with the Best Life Diet (oprah.com/bestlife) and getting herself and her life back into proper balance.

Oprah’s Weight Gain Due to Depression?

“What happened was life took over,” Winfrey says on her popular daytime show. “I started getting overwhelmed, I started to gain weight in February of 2007, and I was still okay because, like everybody else, I’m, like, “Okay, the first five pounds, you’re okay.”

Oprah says doctors told her to “embrace her hunger,” due to her thyroid problem, and that no amount of exercise would help. Oprah started eating a bag of organic, multi-grain blue chips each day, which lead to her packing on the pounds, and possibly much worse.

“I think I felt she was losing her zest for life, and that was one of the saddest moments,” says Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal fitness guru. “I really thought, “well, maybe she’s depressed,’ and I brought that up to her.

“What? Me? Depressed?” says Oprah. “I can’t be depressed. I know what depression is. I’m not depressed.

“Something’s off,” Greene says he told her. “Your movements are slower. Your responses are slower. There’s a dullness about you… there’s something going on that’s – that you’re not — you’re not there.” Winfrey plans to dedicate 2009 to getting well again and becoming healthier in mind and body.

2009 is also my year to achieve my goal of losing weight and keeping it off for good.

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