Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device

kindle-2 Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device is being released on February 24, 2009, announced during an Amazon Press Conference. Kindle 2.0 is faster, lighter and slimmer than Kindle 1, measuring just over 1/3 of an inch and weighing just 10.2 ounces, which is thinner than most magazines and lighter than most paperback books.

Order the new Kindle 2 now while you have a chance to get a Kindle 2 before all the techies, gadget gurus and geeks buy them all and supplies run low. Orders for the Kindle 2 are on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to reserve your spot in line.

Kindle 1 owners and users are being offered a special introductory opportunity by Amazon to be put on the priority list for shipment of the new Kindle, “Kindle 2″. says: “Place your Kindle 2 order by midnight PST on February 10th and you will receive first priority”.

Sadly, the price for Kindle 2.0 is still $359.00, the same price as the original Kindle. Kindle 2 has been upgraded with seven times more memory, 25% longer battery life, an upgraded design with round keys, a new joystick controller, kept its original Kindle black-and-white display, just to name a few of the new Kindle features. Kindle 2 is wireless, so there’s no need to hunt for any Wi-Fi hotspots. The new joystick-type controller will likely please original Kindle users who found the previous version a bit awkward.

Kindle Video on YouTube of Kindle 2

I had hoped the price for the new Kindle would be reduced from its original version, and I held off buying the original Kindle because of the price, but this new Kindle 2 is one I just can’t pass up.

What about you? Are you going to buy the new Kindle? What are your thoughts on the price and new features of Kindle 2?

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  1. wilson says:

    To be honest, Lin. It would be better, if the price can be slightly dropped to below $300, as I was expected to buy one for my parents!

    • Lin says:

      Wilson, I would have liked the price of the new Kindle to be less expensive too. I’m excited about the new features for the Kindle 2 and can hardly wait to get mine.

  2. I have a Kindle. It was given to me by my sister last Holidays. I really love it although there are times that I miss the real book…but nevertheless, Kindle is amazing! I’m looking forward to have a Kindle 2.

    • Lin says:

      Sheena, I’ve heard that same thing from others that sometimes people miss having the actual book but they enjoy having either the first Kindle or the Kindle 2.

  3. I have not used the original Kindle but I’ve seen people with it. It was very bulky, compared to other ebook readers, and I didn’t really have a desire to get one. The new Kindle is much slimmer and more attractive, but for $400 I’m still reluctant to get it. My friend has a Sony ebook reader that he is quite happy with and I must say it is very slim and attractive. It doesn’t have the capability to download from the internet though.


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