Prom Dresses 2009- Designer Prom Dresses or Design Your Own Prom Dress

2009-prom-dresses 2009 prom dresses for prom are on the minds of high school senior girls, as teen girls (and moms) browse prom dress shops online and offline in hopes of finding “the dress” that doesn’t go against school dress code policy, but also a dress that is reasonably priced and fits within the family budget.

Choosing a prom dress is serious business for graduating senior girls, and if you have noticed the average price for prom dresses or the cost of custom-made designer dresses, it’s enough to give a parent a migraine headache. Designer prom dresses, as well as the so-called “celebrity prom dresses” some teen girls want, typically fall into the category of very expensive prom dresses that parents may not be able to afford.

For my daughter’s senior prom last year, we found the “perfect prom dress” at J C Penney, and the shoes and other accessories at David’s Bridal. I later found the same dress, shoes and accessories at the House of Brides online store at deep discount prices, and I wish we had started there first.

Prom Dress Designs

Cheap, low cost, affordable prom dresses that won’t ruin the family budget can be found both online and offline. If you know how to sew and are crafty with a sewing machine, you can browse prom dress patterns and make your own prom dress, or contact an experienced seamstress local to you about making a prom dress that matches the dress pattern you like best.

Did you know that you can actually design your own prom dresses? Whether you are trying to find a strapless prom dress, prom dresses with sleeves, a “Cinderella” prom dress, a short prom dress or long prom dresses in your favorite color and style, you can design your own dress to your exact specifications. I have a lot of respect for young people who can design a prom dress that is stylish and modest all at the same time, plus the fact that the dress would be a one-of-a-kind prom dress that no one else has.

Modest Prom Dresses

We’ve all seen pretty, Cinderella-like prom dresses, ugly prom dresses and downright inappropriate, skanky looking, skimpy prom dresses on some teen girls who apparently didn’t consider the fact that what you wear says a lot about you and your personality, or the fact that the prom dress code must be followed when choosing a prom dress.

Prom 2008 didn’t go very well for Houston’s Madison High School senior Marche Taylor. Online reports say that Ms. Taylor knew the required prom dress code beforehand but ignored the rules. Marche was handcuffed and escorted out of the prom at the Sugar Land Marriott Hotel when she became belligerent when asked to leave the prom because her “revealing gold dress was inappropriate for the school prom”. What were her parents thinking letting Marche wear that “dress”?

Do’s and Don’ts for Prom:

  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Know the prom dress code and stick to it
  • Be prepared for emergencies
  • Bring cell phone and money
  • Don’t do anything you will regret later
  • Have fun and stay safe

Know the High School prom dress code before beginning to shop for formal prom dresses, shoes and accessories, in order to avoid a prom dress design gone wrong catastrophe that not only becomes a popular video on YouTube, but where you and your name are forever associated with the do’s and don’ts for prom wear.

Do yourself a big favor and start your prom dress shopping at House of Brides in your search for the perfect prom dress and accessories, saving yourself some money and a migraine headache. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Janet says:

    Wow.. Guess its the prom season again. Makes me so nostalgic 🙂

    • Lin says:

      Hi Janet,

      Prom is an exciting time for graduating seniors, and the memories from attending prom (as well as the before and after prom parties) will last forever.


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