Babies R Us Complaints – Problems With Babies R Us Registry?

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Have you been having problems with the Babies R Us Baby Registry? My daughter is registered at Babies R Us, and I’ve already bought several items online from her baby registry at Babies R Us, for the baby shower planned for next month.

My biggest complaint about Babies R Us is that the items I purchased continued to show up on the baby registry as not having been bought, even though I received shipping and tracking information when the registry items were shipped, and even after I’d received the baby products ordered.

The reason why baby registries are so popular is to avoid receiving duplicates, but given the numerous problems people have had with Babies R Us, I’m convinced there will be duplicates and problems returning or exchanging the duplicate items.

Once I received the baby products I ordered, I checked the registry to see what else I might want to buy, since we’ve only purchased a minimal amount of baby furniture and other baby supplies so far. The Babies R Us registry showed everything I had bought and received from the registry as not yet purchased and still needed, including the total quantity of each item wanted on the baby registry!

I called Babies R Us to tell them about the problem with the baby registry not updating properly, and the person I spoke to at Babies R Us told me they’ve been “having a lot of problems with the online database updating purchases made online”.

After spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with the Babies R Us Rep, and going through each and every item number I purchased through the registry (and waiting for her to find them on her list), my daughter’s baby registry was finally updated manually.

My daughter and I both love the selection of baby needs products for newborn babies at Babies R Us, but there appears to be ongoing problems with updating the online database for a Babies R Us registry, and I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one making complaints about Babies R Us online and offline.

Complaints about Babies R Us not connecting rewards points to the Babies R Us registry; registry items purchased but never received by the intended recipient; baby gift recipients not being allowed to return or exchange baby gifts from a Babies R Us registry without a receipt or gift receipt; complaints about the Babies R Us return policy and inability to use a Babies R Us gift card for various reasons.

I’m not ready to tell anyone not to create a Babies R Us baby registry, or don’t buy from Babies R Us at all. At least not yet. My personal experience of buying from my daughter’s Babies R Us baby registry, as well as reading positive and negative Babies R Us reviews, has me very concerned about my daughter’s registry and upcoming baby shower.

I guess it comes down to Buyer Beware. Always give a gift receipt with your baby shower gifts, because you never know who or what may have messed up a gift registry for someone you plan on buying a gift for. I just hope my daughter doesn’t end up receiving duplicates of the baby stuff I’ve already bought for her.

A couple of alternatives to Babies R Us to consider would be;;, or Baby Furniture and other items at Nursery Have you had problems with a Babies R Us Registry? What has been your experience dealing with Babies R Us because of your own Babies R Us Baby Registry, or buying from a baby registry for someone else?

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21 Responses to “Babies R Us Complaints – Problems With Babies R Us Registry?”

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  1. Amanda says:

    I have been having several problems with Babies R Us registry. First, I have had the same problem as others with my registry not being updated properly. I got several duplicates at my shower and still the item never was taken off! Second, my parents spent $700 on my furniture for the nursery and the wrong Rewards R Us account was credited. That is A LOT of money in coupons that I am missing out on. When I called corporate, they told me to call the store where it was purchased. The store had no idea how to change this and was surprised corporate told me to call them. They told me I could return the items and purchase them again. Like I was to return my crib and changing table! Lastly, I received a coupon in the mail for 10% off any item in my registry that hadn’t been purchased. Like so many of the coupons I get from Babies R Us, it stated that I could not use it on a long list of products. Furniture was not on this list and so I attempted to buy a glider. The coupon would not work. I called customer service, who had to put me on hold for 15 minutes. They said “oh right here, it says you can’t use it on…..” and she proceeded to list everything as she said furniture. Well, the coupon in my hand did NOT say furniture and when I told her that, she said she would pass that along. I am suggesting to my newly preggo friends to register at Target or another store. Babies R Us marks there prices up a lot too. I will not be buying from there in the future.

  2. viki says:

    DO NOT REGISTER AT BABIES R US!!! I TOO HAVE BEEN HAVING SOOO MANY ISSUES WITH THE ONLINE REGISTRY. People have been getting me duplicates because their registry TAKES FOREVER TO UPDATE!!! The customer service is not great at all!!! When I called to complain they basically told me to deal with it because their registry’s take time to update anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!?

  3. JCH says:

    I bought some stuff in a local babies r us store in July, 2011. The receipt shows a tax rate at 7.75% but they actually collected 9.5% for tax. It’s just $2 difference for me but thinking of their annual sales revenue. I am curious how much they had over-charged even this was not happening everyday?

  4. Joanna Mears says:

    I just spent 2 hours with my sister over the thanksgiving weekend registering. I gave the gun back to her and she said it uploaded successfully. Checked a few days later and none of it was updated to the registry. All that exists is about 10 items I had on the registry prior. None of the 100 items I’d spent 2 hours looking at; I will NOT re-register w/ them. I will have my guests take their money to target instead.

  5. Katie says:

    I do not recommend using babies r us anymore. They did not take items off my registry that were purchased weeks ago so I had to manually delete them so they didn’t get purchased. And I wasn’t able to get credit on my rewards for those purchases. Also- the rewards r us program shows returns that I never registered for or ever returned so I have negative points on my rewards– apparantly someone used my card number to make those returns??

    When I called they were of little help, not going to actually figure out the problem and credit my rewards, and took forever and wanted to put me on hold for a supervisor. At that point, it wasn’t worth my time for a $10 rewards coupon or whatever they give you. I just know after I use my gift cards I will NOT be going back here.

  6. Claire says:

    I created a registry on the babies “r” us website in Aug of 2010 with my due date being in Mar of 2011. I worked very long and hard on it, looking up reviews for almost every single product I registered for. It took me hours and hours every day. Unfortunately I delivered prematurely at 23 weeks and we lost our baby girl 11 days later. My husband and I decided to try again 6 months later in May of 2011. We got pregnant and so I went back to my baby registry online and changed the event date to Jan or Feb 2012. But I suffered a miscarriage and 2 more after that and I’ve been having to undergo a whole series of medical tests and didn’t really have a chance to look at my baby registry. I decided to look it up today (Jan 2012) and there was no record of it. I called customer service and they said if it’s been inactive for 6 months or more they delete it. But what I don’t understand is is that I changed the event date to earlier this year so I have no idea why they would delete it. I feel like maybe I’m making too big a deal out of it but I spent a lot of time on the registry and it just brought back a lot of painful memories for me. I’ve been having so much trouble staying pregnant that I thought at least I won’t have any trouble with the baby registry because it’s already been created. Babies “r” us should really take a look at the way they run things regarding their baby registries. Not every baby makes it. Babies “r” us doesn’t seem to care about the couples who’ve lost a child. If a couple does try again, they shouldn’t have to worry that their registry has or is going to be deleted. It should be up to you and you alone whether you want to delete your registry. And if babies “r” us has to make room in their systems they should at least have the courtesy to call or email saying that they’re going to delete it. They did NOTHING to let me know it was going to be deleted and I am very upset with them right now. They need to to have some sensitivity training done and hopefully this problem will not happen again to anyone else.

  7. Meg says:

    BABIES R US is horrible. I have had nothing buy problems with them. When I have asked for help as to why girls clothes are showing up on a Boy registry, I get the manager of the store blaming corporate and corporate blaming the store. Their customer service is so bad. One lady told me I needed to figure the problem out myself. They obviously don’t care about their customers at all. And they for sure dont care if they lose one. My husband told the corporate manager who called that we would cancel our registry because of how we were treated. And the fact that they said they could not fix the problem. We have had to re-register 3 times until we learned there was nothing they could do for us. They manager said he could just cancel it for us. As I said before they dont’ really care about thier customers all they care about is making money. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING FROM THEM AGAIN! And from here on out I will make sure to warn all my pregant friends to not register with them.

  8. Kim A says:

    I also have had a horrible experience with Babies R Us. One of my friends is registered through BRU and I have bought her some gifts off her registry. Her shower is in 2 weeks. I purchased several items a week and a half ago and only one was showing up as being purchased.

    Today I went in person to the store with my receipt to correct the problem. They had to manually mark the items as purchased. I came home to see that most were corrected, but one large item still was left unmarked! I am so annoyed with this, but I can’t imagine my pregnant friend having to worry about such basic problems. These things should be no brainer with a registry. I also do not like their gift receipts. They should put more on it other than just the barcode. How can they keep track of which receipt goes with what gifts.

    I also am left in the dark. Since originally when I purchased the items only one gift was shown as being purchased, I am worried that only the one gift is on the gift receipt. I am just hoping that the items are covered in the gift receipt especially because there is no proof that it was purchased on her registry. I almost wanted to give her the original receipt with the gifts, but I would not want her too see how much I spent. 🙂 I love baby shower shopping!

  9. Cameron A. says:

    I know this is an old thread but just wanted to mention that problems are still on-going. Specifically regarding items I have added to the registry mysteriously changing to another colour/style after 24 hours.

    I have made a gender-neutral baby registry. I’ve selected a lot of green, white and yellow products.

    I have tried multiple times to add the Kushies burp pads in green or yellow… and at first it actually appears fine in the registry, but after 24 hours the colour has changed to blue. So I have to go in and delete the blue items. If I can’t add the green burp pads to my registry, then I’ll have to purchase them myself – extra hassle!!!

    This has also happened with crib sheets, swaddle wraps, and toys (gender neutral elephant doll changing to a pink princess doll by the same company).

    The gender-neutral items I want are STILL AVAILABLE for purchase on the website, so I know this is definitely not a “stock” or “availability” problem. A bit annoying.

  10. Gary says:

    I ordered a crib and 4 drawer dresser from B R Us and found out the next day that it was already ordered by a family member. I tried to cancel the order but they said it was already being processed and they could not cancel it. They said all they could do is to send my neice shipping labels to return the items.
    They are the ones who caused this problem because they resold items that were already bought from their registry without letting me know they were already purchased.
    How many times do they re-sell products and use peoples money until they get returned and refunded?. Their recording on the phone says they will do refunds within 90 days.
    How many other items will my neice, who works and is trying to have a baby, have to return items that should have never been ordered? How badly can they treat women who are pregnant or have just had a baby?
    How many customers will put up with their BS? I certainly won’t do business with them or any of their companies ever again.
    How many customers will put up with them adding this poor business cost to all of the items they sell, returning shipping costs when they won’t cancel an order within hours of purchase, when they caused the problem by reselling multiple registry items?
    This process is not complete yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to stick me with a shipping charge when I did everyhing to prevent them from shipping the order within hours on a Sunday morning.
    I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life and will never experience it with them again. They should get a prize for exploiting the largest number of customers because I am sure they used my money and the money of others for the longest time possible, treating them the same way. They also imply that you get free shipping if you spend more than $99. All you get is $20 off an exhorbitant shipping fee,