Oprah Warns Rihanna: Oprah Warns Rihanna, Love Doesn’t Hurt

Oprah’s warning to Rihanna has been all over the internet, and I really hope Rihanna is paying attention to what Oprah warns WILL happen if Rihanna isn’t very careful about her relationship with “alleged-abuser” Chris Brown. Oprah knows what she’s talking about, and abused women all over the world need to take heed to Oprah’s warning that Love Doesn’t Hurt! Rihanna, are you listening to Oprah?!

We’ve all heard the news reports of the “alleged attack” by Chris Brown on his girlfriend Rihanna, and we’ve seen the pictures online “allegedly” showing a beaten, bruised and battered Rihanna. It’s enough to make Oprah and all women outraged that Chris Brown raised his hand to Rihanna at all, but also that Brown not only bit Rihanna, but “allegedly” punched her in the face multiple times.

To Rihanna, teenage girls and women who are being abused by angry, controlling, abusive men listen up! Abusive men do NOT change! Do NOT become a statistic like so many other Rihanna’s in the world. The truth is, Rihanna is a celebrity who has been battered and beaten, and I’m thrilled that Oprah is doing a show next week dedicated to abused women and teen girls.

Abusive relationships affect teenage girls and women all over the world, and teenage abusive relationships are on the increase. Regardless of Rihanna’s celebrity status, Rihanna is no different than any other women who has been abused either physically, mentally or emotionally. Rihanna could be your sister, mother, cousin, niece or even your own daughter, and it’s about time abused teenage girls and women finally realize that abusive men will promise you “it will never happen again”, but don’t you believe it! Love Doesn’t Hurt! Oprah was right when she said, “If a man hits you once, he WILL hit you again“!

Oprah Warns Rihanna Video

I sure hope Rihanna will watch Oprah’s show, and that Rihanna will do some serious soul-searching about the abuse she suffered. I also hope Rihanna will take some time to herself, read everything she can get her hands on about abusive men and how statistics prove that if a man hits you once, he WILL hit you again! Are YOU in an abusive relationship? Do you know the signs of an abusive relationship and the steps you must take to protect yourself from your abuser?

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  1. Periapex says:

    I just saw The Color Purple on the weekend (the theatrical version). The movie version was Oprah’s breakout role. It’s a story about love and abuse that she loved dearly.

    Hopefully Rihanna gets to experience that story as part of the audience and not as an active participant.

    • Lin says:

      Periapex, I’ve seen Color Purple a couple of times myself, the movie version. I do hope Rihanna has heard what Oprah said and that she’ll watch Oprah’s show about domestic violence and abuse.

      When I heard the news that Chris Brown had allegedly beaten up Rihanna, then seeing the pictures of her face, I got really mad. Then I heard that Rihanna had gotten back with Chris, and of course there were the rumors saying Rihanna and Chris had secretly gotten married. Women who are in abusive relationships such as this really need to pay attention to Oprah’s show and get away from these guys.

  2. Janet Fox says:

    Goshh.. I remember seeing Rihanna’s photographs all battered and bruised. Its looked like such a sorry picture in contrast to her otherwise vivacious self!

    I guess women keep up with abusive relationshipd because they hope against hope to find love somehow. But ur right Lin.. Love doesnt hurt. This is something we should all remember.

    It is important to recognize the early warning signs of abuse in a relationship and set things straight or end it altogether.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Janet,

      Having been in an abusive relationship myself at one time, I know what it’s like and I know why abused women stay with their abuser for far too long. I just hope that Rihanna is listening to Oprah, and that all women being abused by a husband or boyfriend are going to watch Oprah’s show.

      The other articles I have here about abusive relationships, and the kind of web traffic those articles get, I can tell that at least some abused women are searching for information and help to get out. Thank goodness.

    • Lin says:

      When I saw the images of Rihanna’s face beaten and bruised, I couldn’t get those pictures out of my mind for days. Hopefully Rihanna is paying attention to Oprah’s words and will watch Oprah’s show about abusive men and women who are being abused, and that all women like Rihanna will watch the show and really consider what Oprah will say about domestic violence and abuse in the home. The statistics of spousal abuse and abuse against teen girls is only getting worse.

  3. Eathan says:

    I’m not for anyone getting hit unless you’re in the boxing ring.. or a UFC fight. But I’m also a person who believes in the justice system. IF the allegations are true..and I use the word if.. then she should take everyone’s warning to heart.

    Since I wasn’t there and we only have 1 part of the story…I would hope that we can be fair when all details are released.

    I know this isn’t the most popular stance..but Congressman Condit was accused of a crime. And years later we find out that he’s not the one who committed the crime. And I was one of them that convicted him in the court of public opinion.

    Either way…I hope she makes good choices for her.

    • Lin says:

      Eathan, I can definitely understand where you’re coming from with the “if”. Which is why I used the word “alleged” quite a few times, so that it’s clear (hopefully) that I am not and will not judge Chris Brown, nor will I convict him in the court of public opinion. The truth, whatever the truth is, will come out eventually.

  4. Karen Swim says:

    Lin, I can’t thank you enough for spreading the word. My heart was so saddened when this story broke and I am deeply troubled by reports of a reconciliation. I have seen abuse that ended in death on more than one occasion. I have also been sickened by many comments by women and young girls who blame Rihanna for “pushing his buttons.” We live in a society that is all too forgiving about violence against women. It is never okay to abuse another human being period. The comments coupled with an upcoming What Would You Do show that shows people ignoring girls getting hazed remind me of how far we have to go to stop violence against women.

    • Lin says:

      Karen, I was also very sad and disappointed when I heard the reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown had gotten back together. Abuse is never, ever ok. There is no so-called reason or excuse for a man to hit a woman. I’ve also seen many of the comments you mention Karen, and those comments were ignorant and disgusting. Blaming the victim of abuse is sick and vile. I do hope abused women and abused teenage girls listen up and pay attention.

  5. Great advice from Oprah. I hate to see women stay in relationships that are violent. Women, you are always better than being in an abusive relationship. Always!