Barbie Alternative: Only Hearts Club Dolls the Best Bratz, Barbie Alternative Doll Review

Only Hearts Club Dolls

Barbie alternative? Appropriate dolls? Parents are looking for an age-appropriate alternative doll for their little girls to enjoy, especially since Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls, Dora the Explorer (amongst others), have been “updating” the clothes these dolls are now wearing to include inappropriate, racy, “sexy” outfits on dolls for young kids. Meet the Only Hearts Girls by Only Hearts Club, a great alternative to Barbie dolls and Bratz girls. Not only are the Only Hearts Club girls baby dolls that look real, but the Only Hearts girls are appropriate toys for young kids to play with.

What is Only Hearts Club? Only Hearts Club (OHC) is a family owned and operated company dedicated to creating a positive message to children through its line of realistic baby dolls and toys, and have been making dolls for 5+ years. Only Hearts Club Dolls are 9-inch dolls that look and dress like real little girls from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Realistic Baby Dolls That Look Real

Len Simonian, toy and lifestyle expert and president of Only Hearts Club said, “Dolls influence the image and behavior of young girls. From Bratz to Barbie, to Hannah Montana these companies each portray vastly different images through the marketing and ‘lifestyles’ of their dolls.” Simonian added, “Parents and grandparents can play a big hand in determining what dolls their kids buy. It’s up to us as parents of young girls to do our own due diligence about each brand’s messaging.”

The Only Hearts Club mission is to keep young girls age-appropriate while encouraging positive, conscious choices, turning Only Hearts Club into a multi million dollar business. The eight (8) life-like dolls, dressed like real girls, are each supported by its own book with the messaging, “in difficult life situations always do the right thing”. Each doll has its own personality and interests, all with the common goal of true friendship and a pledge to be nice to others.

Only Hearts Club books

Only Hearts Club were the winners of the 2006 Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Product Award as well as the 2007 Winner of Platinum Award, and has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, as well as in magazines including Good Housekeeping, In Touch and Family Fun.

Only Hearts

Only Hearts dolls are adored by girls because the dolls look like real girls, like themselves and their friends, dress in cool fashions, and because their pose-ability encourages play. Only Hearts Club are loved by parents and grandparents because the brand delivers a wholesome image (cool, yet age-appropriate fashions) and positive message to their girls. The brand is called the Only Hearts Club because it is a group of girls who have formed a club with a promise to one another to “listen to their hearts and do the right thing.”

The Only Hearts company has received countless messages from parents, saying how thankful and thrilled they are to have found a doll that their daughters think is cool and love to play with, and that also provides such a positive influence, especially in light of all the messages and images with which their girls are bombarded in today’s world.

Only Hearts Club Li'l Kids

In a Reuter’s interview with the Only Hearts Club president regarding the sexualizaton of children, Len Simonian said, “The sexualization of young girls is currently a huge concern. 10 is the new 15 and 8 the new 13. At Only Hearts Club we work against today’s television and music video culture where girls as young as 6 years old are told to wear revealing clothing, act sexy and chase boys.”

Only Hearts dolls are simply adorable for young girls, as are the other Only Hearts Club toys, furniture and accessories, which includes Only Hearts Club books and a complete equestrian line named the Only Hearts Horse & Pony Club, Only Hearts Club Li’l Kids, and a line of mini plush Only Hearts Pets for kids sold separately.

I’m not sure why, but I noticed there are no 9-inch Only Hearts Club boy dolls in the collection, except for a new boy doll named Trevor in the Only Hearts Club Li’l Kids collection. Hopefully Only Hearts Club will come out with some larger boy dolls soon, because I have a young nephew that would love to have one.

Other Barbie alternatives to consider are the Madame Alexander dolls, Marie Osmond dolls for young kids, and the Corolle dolls and accessories for children.

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  1. corrin says:

    I absolutely love all of the OHC toys and buy them for my nieces over Barbies in a heartbeat.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Corrin! I know what you mean! These Only Hearts Club dolls are adorable! I can hardly wait for my little granddaughter to get old enough to enjoy OHC dolls, and I’ll be stocking up on each of the 9-inch dolls and even the smaller ones for her to enjoy. Anything BUT Barbie or Bratz crap. 🙂


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