Most Popular Christmas Toys 2009-Hot New Toys For Kids Christmas

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table Christmas 2009 is here. Are you ready? Every Christmas holiday season parents ask, “What will be the most popular hot new toys for Christmas this year?” The latest trends in new toys for Christmas correspond closely to the economy, which is why the “Recession Christmas” or frugal Christmas gifts term is often used by people looking for affordable Christmas gifts for their kids and teens.

Toy makers and manufacturers understand that people have less money to spend on Christmas this year and are making smaller versions of large more-expensive toys, with one example being the new mini version of last years big Fur Real dinosaur from the Hasbro Fur Real Friends line of toys.

A hot new trend in toys for 2009 are Eco-friendly, “Green” or recycled toys that are made out of recycled materials to help the environment. Toys made from environmentally friendly materials are called Green Toys, such as the Fuzz That Was by Mary Meyer, which are stuffed toy pets made out of old recycled water bottles.

Green Toys for Kids

An Eco-friendly green toy company in California called The Green Toy Company sells “Made in the USA” toys for kids from 100% recycled materials, including a toy recycling truck, a toy dump truck, indoor gardening kit, jump rope, sand play set, an Ecosaucer, a toy cookware and dining set, toy tool set, a toy dish set, a toy chef set, and a toy tea set – each made from recycled milk bottles.

Popular “green” toy brands like Sprig Toys, Green Toys, Plan Toys, miYim Toys and HaPe Toys offer a large variety of children’s toys for babies, toddlers and older kids at affordable prices that will help keep you within your Christmas budget. Check out the list of best-selling toys for Christmas or Chanukah and you’ll see that the ever-popular Leap Frog Tag Reading System by LeapFrog is still high on the must-have list, along with the English version of Bananagrams and the Spanish Bananagrams by the Bananagrams company. Here are some of the best-selling green toys for kids:

  1. Green Toys Tea Set by Green Toys
  2. Sprig Toys Eco-Truck Dump Truck by Sprig Toys
  3. Sprig Toys Eco-Truck Loader by Sprig Toys
  4. Green Toys Cookware and Dining Set by Green Toys
  5. Green Toys Recycle Truck by Green Toys
  6. Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum by Plan Toys
  7. Green Toys Tool Set by Green Toys
  8. Green Toys Dump Truck by Green Toys
  9. Sprig Toys Eco-Truck Excavator by Sprig Toys
  10. Sprig Toys Discover Rig by Sprig Toys

Hot Christmas Toys 2009

Other hot Christmas toy items this year for girls or boys include electronics such as the Radica Ucreate Music and Radica Ucreate Games by Mattel; the Jonas Brothers Pix Micro Digital Camera; the Disney Floral Pix Digital Camera; Hello Kitty and Friends Plush Doll and accessories; Zhu Zhu Pets (especially the hamster) and anything by the Vtech toy company.

Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby Magazine, examined the most popular hot new toys for Christmas 2009 from the American International Toy Fair. Predictions of the most popular toys for Christmas include the comeback of classic toys, board games and puzzles, remote control cars and frozen snack machines referred to now as freeze pop machines.

Top 10 Most Popular Games

  1. Mindflex Game by Mattel
  2. Bananagrams by Bananagrams
  3. The Settlers of Catan by Mayfair Games
  4. Quiddler by SET Enterprises, Inc.
  5. Wild Planet Hyper Dash by Wild Planet
  6. SET Game by SET Enterprises, Inc.
  7. Scrabble Slam Cards by Hasbro Games
  8. The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension by Mayfair Games
  9. Twilight Board Game by Cardinal Industries
  10. 100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards Lot by Pokemon USA

Children’s Learning Toys

Educational toys, aka “working and learning toys”, are making a big comeback as some of the best Christmas gifts for kids. Crayola has a “Drop and See” ball drop-style toy that uses “TaDoodles” to teach small kids colors, shapes and sounds, but is also fun for kids to play with. Toy brands like Hasbro, Fisher Price, LeapFrog, Melissa and Doug, Think Fun & Insect Lore working and learning toys for children are battling for the #1 spot of most popular educational toys for children on Amazon.

  1. LeapFrog® Tag Reading System by LeapFrog
  2. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher Price
  3. Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper by Hasbro
  4. LeapFrog® Learn & Groove Musical Table by LeapFrog
  5. ThinkFun Zingo by ThinkFun
  6. Live Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore
  7. Melissa & Doug See & Spell by Melissa and Doug
  8. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym by Fisher Price
  9. LeapFrog® Leapster® 2 Learning Game System – Green by LeapFrog
  10. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet by Melissa and Doug

Keep a close eye on Melissa & Doug toys/arts and crafts for kids because these are cleaning up on Amazon! Melissa & Doug Arts and Crafts are selling like Hot Cakes, especially the Deluxe Standing Easel, and they are all getting rave reviews!

Mindflex Game The toy fair also revealed a new and innovative kids toy called the Peek-A-Boo Bag from I-Play for toddlers that has become quite popular, which is a small square cloth bag filled with beads and various colorful shaped toy items. There’s a see-through plastic window sewn into the peek-a-boo bag where kids can shake, squish or squeeze the toy to move the beads around, revealing new shapes and colors of pink, blue, yellow and white.

The 2009 Toy Fair in London offered a few “best new toys of 2009” recommendations including toys from brands like Ben 10, Charlie and Lola, In the Night Garden, Peppa Pig, Timmy Time and Yo Gabba Gabba. What about you? Are you looking for Green Toys for kids to help the environment, or just trying to find cheap Christmas toys for your kids?

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  1. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Lin – It’s great to hear that green toys are becoming popular. And I’ll be checking out the Twilight came. My 12 year old is obsessed with Twilight.

    I haven’t read it but she keeps telling me what’s happening in the Twilight book she’s reading right now. It sounds kind of creepy – Bella is pregnant with a vampire baby – yuck.
    .-= Cath Lawson´s last blog ..Are You Too Lazy To Live In Canada? =-.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Cath,

      I know quite a few people who are really obsessed with the Twilight series, but I haven’t read any of them so far. Books about vampires and such isn’t really my thing, but from what I hear…everything and anything Twilight is high on kids Christmas lists this year.

      • Janet Fox says:

        Hey Lin,

        I haven’t read any of the Twilight books but yeah have watched the movie. Though I found it a bit on the cheesier side… I can understand how why the young kids like it. I see girls totally falling in love with Edward (the vampire guy) and cheer for his love story with Bella. Here we have Edward and Bella dolls that are a huge hit with the little kids. The Twilight people have released a range of merchandise for Christmas!

        • Lin says:

          Hi Janet,

          I know what you mean about the Twilight products and merchandise being everywhere you look. I hadn’t even heard the names of the Twilight characters until very recently, but I can see how Twilight fans would go nuts for all that stuff at Christmas this year.

  2. Todd Morris says:

    Hi Lin,

    Since I’m not going to have access to regular stores this Christmas, I was already planning to do my shopping online. With this series of posts you’ve made over the past week, you’ve made it easy on me …

    I can just do all my shopping on Tellin it like it is 😀

    See ya in November!!

    .-= Todd Morris´s last blog ..How To Prepare For A Military Deployment =-.

    • Lin says:

      Hi Todd,

      I’ve noticed there’s a lot of people doing their Christmas shopping early. Some started back in July! Christmas shopping online is THE best, and I’ve shopped for Christmas toys and everything else online only for years now. Nothing like getting it all done, a lot of it with FREE shipping, while sitting comfortably behind my ‘puter. 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    I love to learn that green toys are easier to find both online and offline. It’s really nice to see that we can help our children have an ecologic mind while having fun. I rather not buy toys based on tv characters as I think they sort of limit games and story creating as kids try to repeat what they saw on tv. Thanks for the list!!! You’ve made my shopping much easier!

    • Lin says:

      Hi Annie,

      I’m thrilled that there are “green toys” and green toy companies making great toys for kids with recycled materials. I wish I had thought of it! Ha! Recycling is rapidly growing around the country (U.S.) and hopefully more and more people will get involved and help support companies that are doing their part in cleaning up the environment.


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