Chris Harrison Confirms The Bachelor Shocking Sex Scandal

Not sure if this qualifies as a “Bachelor spoiler” or not, but Bachelor host Chris Harrison has confirmed the ongoing rumor of a sex scandal involving one of the Bachelor contestants and a producer of the show, and Jake Pavelka had nothing to do with it. Ruh Roh! Drumroll please….

As much as some of you Bachelor fans would love to see scandal and sexy mayhem on Season 14 of The Bachelor, such as a sordid lesbian girl/girl kind of scandal, Harrison has confirmed the scandal involved a male producer and one of the contestants.

In the promo leading up to tonight’s premiere of The Bachelor “On The Wings of Love” with sexy hunk Jake Pavelka the pilot, we’re teased with “She’s been having this sexual affair with somebody else in the Bachelor house.”

In a radio interview with Sean Valentine, Chris Harrison called the affair “a barn storm. It was a fire.” Any reality television loving bachelor fan knows it’s a big no-no for contestants and show producers or big-wigs to be um…playing house onscreen or offscreen.

Chris Harrison is quoted as saying “It was incredibly unfortunate. Horrible decisions were made. This is something that we took very serious, and it’s something that we couldn’t just sit by…because of things in the past. This was embarrassing for us, for Jake, and for the other women, so we were like, let’s nip this in the bud, take care of it, and that’s what we did.”

Harrison says the sex “scandal” was incredibly uncomfortable for everyone involved. “I’m in the control room, and before I had to go talk to the girl, Jake and then the women, I had lawyers, psychologists, producers, executives telling me, ‘These are the words you can say.’ It was intense. It was a wild night, and I knew nothing until I got there.”

Chris Harrison (of course) didn’t identify who the producer was or which Bachelor contestant stirred things up, nor did Chris explain any punishments that were handed out, but it’s a pretty good guess that neither were allowed to remain on the show. Whatever the decision was, it will be addressed on the show. “I felt bad for everybody,” Harrison said. “It was an uncomfortable deal.”

Season 14 of The Bachelor On The Wings of Love with Jake Pavelka starts tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Can’t wait! Do you think Jake will find love appearing on The Bachelor or not? What do you think Jake’s chances are of marrying one of the contestants?

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