Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers, Season 14 Final Four and Winner Revealed

Fans of The Bachelor reality television show on ABC are likely familiar with Reality Steve and his blog. Reality Steve, AKA Steve Carbone of Dallas, has revealed the final 4 Bachelor contestants and who Jake Pavelka picks as winner at the final rose ceremony, due to having a very reliable inside source.

There are many Bachelorette and Bachelor blogs, forums and message boards for fans to read recaps, spoilers and speculations about what happens before the show even airs on ABC, but if you really want to know the reality of what has been going on behind the scenes on The Bachelor, you have to read Reality Steve’s blog at

I’ve been a fan of a few “reality television” shows over the years, but the recent so-called sex scandal involving Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa and former producer Ryan Callahan has created a negative but well-deserved buzz about the show’s integrity and host, Chris Harrison. Rozlyn has said in interviews on National Television that there was no “inappropriate relationship” between her and Callahan whatsoever, no kissing, no sex, nothing “physical” as Chris Harrison has claimed.

Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? Why was Rozlyn Papa really kicked off The Bachelor, and if there was no inappropriate relationship or affair between Papa and Callahan, why is Rozlyn being raked over the coals? Reality Steve says the sex scandal is a lie and a hoax to get Rozlyn off the show because she had a meltdown conniption fit when she couldn’t talk to her young 7-year-old son on the phone every day as she was promised and started trashing the show.

The Bachelor Spoilers

WARNING: If you don’t want to know who Jake Pavelka chooses at the Final Rose Ceremony, stop reading NOW!

With some good editing and splicing of video and audio tape, Steve says the obviously scripted show created the appearance of an improper relationship where none existed. Reality Steve was right when he blew the top off the Jason Mesnick/Melissa/Molly fiasco and previous seasons with his spoiler blog, and it seems ABC will do just about anything to boost ratings for The Bachelor, including outright lie, manipulate and deceive viewers and fans of the show.

Have you noticed how Chris Harrison is oh-so-careful when choosing the words to imply the supposed sex scandal, never actually giving details about the “inappropriate relationship”, “unfortunate incident” or that it was a sexual affair? Harrison told “It was an incident that we’ve never had to deal with before. It was tough for everyone, the crew, the women and Jake. Hopefully we can quickly move past this and it won’t dominate the season. But definitely everyone will see what happens.”

Harrison has referred to the scandal as being a “physical relationship” but never refers to the “incident” as being a sexual relationship of any kind. Various reports online say some of the other female contestants saw Rozlyn snuggled up on the couch with the producer, where some said Rozlyn had her hand on Callahan’s leg. That’s it?! That is the “inappropriate relationship” that has been blown so far out of proportion that Rozlyn Papa gets kicked off the show for an alleged sexual affair and is being made out to be a cheating skank? Puh-leeeeze.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, Rozlyn Papa vehemently denies the rumors that there was an inappropriate or sexual relationship between her and the then-crew member now known to be Ryan Callahan.

“No, I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show,” Rozlyn said. “What they mean by inappropriate relationship is not what inappropriate relationship means in the real world.”

“I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them,” Rozlyn said, referring to the ABC network and the show’s senior producers. “We remained really close but we are not dating now,” Rozyln said of the since-fired producer.

“This is a TV show and it’s made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality,” Rozlyn revealed. “I know that things on television weren’t always as they seemed, but I had no idea the extent of the show manipulation.”

“ABC told me I could bring my son to the show to visit and that I could talk about him each day on the show,” Rozlyn told RadarOnline. “But then they didn’t let me. The other girls on the show all knew about my son and ABC kept telling me to hold off and not tell Jake about him yet. At that point all the other girls knew I had a son and they were spending time alone with Jake and it looked like I was hiding the information.”

Who do you believe is telling the truth about the scandal? Chris Harrison or 28 year-old former Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa? Rozlyn referred to the show as manipulated entertainment, where she has been used to boost ratings. Considering everything Reality Steve has revealed about the show and all the spoilers with the help of his insider source, I believe Rozlyn and not Chris Harrison or ABC.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know who the Final Four Bachelor contestants are, or who Jake Pavelka picks at the final rose ceremony, stop reading right now.

Final Four Contestants and Winner on The Bachelor Season 14

Reality Steve reveals that Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna are your final four contestants on The Bachelor. Steve says that Ali voluntarily leaves the show at this point (possibly job related), leaving Tenley, Gia and Vienna as the final three. Who does Jake choose?

Gia gets sent home after the overnight dates, leaving Tenley and Vienna as the final two contestants for Jake to choose from to propose to and marry. Who does Jake choose at the ending rose ceremony finale? Jake chooses Vienna Girardi as his final choice over Tenley.

Whether or not Jake Pavelka actually proposes to Vienna at the Final Rose Ceremony Finale, or if the couple are still together or even engaged at this point is not known. Yet.

Head on over to Reality Steve’s blog at for all the spicy recap details of what happens with each episode this season on The Bachelor.

ETA: Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers vs ABC The Bachelor Mike Fleiss

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  1. hookednonetheless says:

    I truly believe Jake is a nice guy that gave in to alot of coaching on this season’s show. I picked two from the very first introduction of the girls, without reading Reality Steve by the way, and they were Ali and Tenley. I believe when Jake comes to his senses and is no longer influenced by “reality tv”, he will re-contact one or both of these girls and try a true “friendship” first, which is how it should be, and eventually find love with either one of these girls!!! This is the “reality” of my marriage of 26 years to my “best friend” and love of my life, which I think Jake still believes in!!!

    • Lin says:

      As much as I’d like to say that I can’t wait for the Women Tell All to see what shakes out, but considering how heavily edited everything is on The Bachelor, ya just can’t trust what is real or not. The splicing and dicing of video/audio tape makes everything on this show suspect.

  2. AliandGia fan says:

    Jake chooses Vienna – they date for a while, it doesn’t work out, and we never hear from him again. Vienna ends up either married to some hollywood guy or becomes a stripper like her mom, or poses for Playboy and becomes the next Paris Hilton.

  3. Jennifer says:

    You know if Allie don’t get to come back that will tell the show isn’t for real and it a set up for us crazy veiwers and we fall all the crazy stuff. Jake would do better off picking Michelle then Vienneat lease you knew what he was getting and she has a job unlike the dizzle blonde chick Vienna but oh well I hope that Allie is the one he want and gets.just to up-set Vienna some more.


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