Amazon FREE 2000+ Music Downloads – 2011 HOT New Music Releases and Best Selling Music of 2010

If you like free stuff as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon is giving away over 2000 MP3 music download songs for FREE. That’s FREE music downloads for music addicts like us, in virtually every category and genre.

The free Christmas music downloads Amazon ran over the holidays was extremely popular and well received, but now is the time to grab up and download as many of the free songs you like and want to add to your music collection, at no cost to you.

We’re always looking for good cheap deals on products, and music is no exception, since buying CD’s at full price can get quite expensive when our favorite singers and performers all release new music we want for our growing collection.

If you’ve heard of or are at all familiar with the funny comedian phone prankster Roy Mercer, Roy D. Mercer to be specific, you probably understand why Roy Mercer’s prank calls (clips on youtube videos) are so popular. My husband and I love listening to Roy D. Mercer so much that I surprised him over the holidays with the entire collection of roydmercer prank calls cd albums, which was one of his all-time favorite gifts.

FREE Music Downloads on Amazon

On Amazon’s free music downloads page, you’ll find a complete list of 21 music/song categories, for a total of 2288 FREE song downloads, including 400 songs in Alternative Rock; 43 Blues; 29 in Children’s Music; 24 Christian & Gospel; only 1 in Classic Rock (boo!); 155 Classical; 38 Country; 376 Dance and DJ music; 104 Folk; 221 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal; 156 International; 48 Jazz; 26 in Latin Music; 184 Miscellaneous; 28 New Age; 14 Opera/Vocal; 262 in Pop songs; 44 Rhythm and Blues (R&B); 222 Hip Hop/Rap; 763 Rock and 27 Movie Soundtracks.

As much as we enjoy listening to music and want to stay on top of the best prices and special deals, we of course have our Amazon wish lists set up, but we’ve also bookmarked to our favorites Amazon’s main music department to keep us informed on any and all new releases and upcoming releases. That way we can order newly released music or pre-order cd’s with soon-to-be-released music before the actual release date by our favorite groups and singers early on and not find the music we want is sold out already and has to be back-ordered.

One of my favorite places to hang out on Amazon and have bookmarked is their hot new music releases page, where we’re able to keep tabs on all the newly released music. More often than not, as busy as we are in our lives and not real interested in watching much television at all these days, it’s easy for us to miss announcements on TV or radio of a new album coming out by singers/groups on our “must have” list.

2011 Hot New Music Releases

There are 27 different music categories or genres on Amazon’s new music page, and within each category/genre is a list of the top 100 or best selling music and their current ranking on the popularity list which is updated hourly. Twenty seven categories of music, multiplied by 100 newly released albums per genre, equals out to 2700 new releases in music available on Amazon. That’s a lot of music to choose from!

Here is the breakdown list of MP3 music genre categories of new and upcoming music to buy and/or download and listen to on your computer, iPod or other music listening devices.

I don’t know who or how the so-called 100 best songs of 2010 is chosen by Amazon, but I’m not impressed with their list of songs that include extremely explicit album titles and songs with explicit lyrics. If I wouldn’t want even my grown children to listen to such “music”, than I don’t want or like the cd for myself and I certainly would not buy or download (even for free) such music for anyone else.

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