RealitySteve Bachelor Spoilers – Bachelor Brad Womack Final Four and Season 15 Winner Revealed

Dallas’ own Steve Carbone, AKA the Reality Steve blog at, revealed the season spoilers for Brad Womack’s second chance shot at love on The Bachelor four whole weeks before the premiere aired on ABC. Great job Steve!

After last season’s debacle of RealitySteve being wrong about Ali, saying she didn’t choose anyone and was single when Ali actually picked Roberto at the final rose ceremony, it’s quite entertaining reading Steve’s spoiler blog and his sarcastic episode recap’s of Brad Womack’s season on The Bachelor.

The tabloid rag mags have been having a field day with Bachelor contestant Michelle Money, but according to Reality Steve, other contestants on the oh-so-popular reality show will also find themselves gracing the covers of your favorite birdcage liner tabloids soon enough.

On his blog, Reality Steve has the complete breakdown of what happens on each and every one-on-one date and group dates, who received a rose and which ladies were sent packing. The catfights amongst these women contestants are comical. The tears, the jealousy, who gets more time with Brad than the other girls. Snif. That’s enough to keep us wanting to watch The Bachelor, regardless of who Brad picked, proposed to and got engaged to in the end. Or did he?

Knowing the lengths ABC and producers of The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) will go for ratings and viewership, with that insane legally binding contract each contestant must sign, makes it much easier to watch Bachelor and The Bachelorette with a realistic understanding of how contestants are portrayed on TV after all the splicing and dicing and editing of video tape is finished.

Monday night’s Bachelor NASCAR episode will show blond beauty Emily Maynard from Charlotte NC visibly upset during the NASCAR tryouts group date, since Emily was engaged to Ricky Hendrick from well known Hendricks Motor Sports until his untimely death in a plane crash in 2004 along with nine others.

Just five days after Ricky died, Emily found out she was pregnant with Ricky’s baby girl, who is now five years old. Emily has been quoted as saying that no matter how the NASCAR episode is shown to viewers and the obvious emotional toll it took on her, shooting the episode helped bring her some needed “closure”.

Chantal O’Brien slapping Brad Womack across the face when they first met was an obvious setup, and various online sites have said the producers told Chantal to do it. No surprise there. Chantal is a good competitor vying for Brad’s heart (and engagement ring), and between Emily and Chantal and a couple other of our favorite contestants, Brad has a tough decision to make in choosing one of these ladies to become his wife.

Who will Brad Womack pick? Care to make a guess? Who do you think Brad should choose? Do you care?

Reality Steve Bachelor Final Four and Winner Spoiler

***If you don’t want to know who the final four contestants are, or who Brad Womack chose to propose to from the final two girls, stop reading now.

When the Bachelor show gets down to the final four contestants, that’s when things really get interesting and intense. The hometown dates (airing February 21st) are always interesting to watch. How the girl’s families and friends will feel about Brad and whether Brad feels he would fit into the family dynamic if he chooses this or that girl must be terrifying for him.

The final four contestants on Brad’s season of The Bachelor are Emily Maynard from Charlotte North Carolina, Chantal O’Brien from Mercer Island MA, Ashley Hebert from Madawaska ME, and Shawntel Newton from Chico California. Shawntel Newton doesn’t get a rose and is eliminated at the rose ceremony, leaving the final three.

The final three contestants head to South Africa for the overnight dates, where Ashley Hebert is eliminated. That leaves Emily Maynard and Chantal O’Brien as the Final Two contestants on season 16 of The Bachelor. Reality Steve says he’s absolutely positive that he’s right in who Brad picked at the final rose ceremony, propose and hopefully get engaged to. Brad actually chooses someone this time! Who did Brad pick?

In the end, Brad chose Chantal O’Brien to (hopefully) become his wife. The girl who slapped Brad across the face shortly after getting out of the limo. Reality Steve says he’ll be vindicated on March 14th, when the final rose ceremony airs on ABC, and everyone sees for themselves that he was right. This time. Apparently Brad spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Palm Springs California with Chantal and her family at the family’s private vacation home called the Hideaways, one week after filming ended.

Whether or not Brad and Chantal are able to build their relationship and actually get married remains to be seen. The odds of Bachelor/Bachelorette couples actually making it down the aisle and run off into the sunset together have been lousy. Time will tell and we can only wish the lovebirds the best of luck. Reality Steve’s blog ( will surely keep us all informed on any new news, twists and turns in Brad and Chantal’s relationship and if a wedding will actually take place.

No telling what will happen on the Bachelor’s Women Tell All (airing March 7th), what possible drama will be stirred up among the contestants, but thankfully there haven’t been any crazy sex scandals this season. Who should be the new Bachelorette? Emily Maynard? What do you think? Who will be the next Bachelorette? Which Bachelor contestant would get your vote to become the Bachelorette?

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11 Responses to “RealitySteve Bachelor Spoilers – Bachelor Brad Womack Final Four and Season 15 Winner Revealed”

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  1. Kate says:

    I had hoped that Brad would pick Emily. I preferred her far and above all the other girls and that is who I think Brad should have ended up picking so in that one area, I hope that the prediction is wrong.

  2. BRENDA says:

    If Brad does not pick Emily I hope she will consider being the next bachelorette. She is a very classy lady and will bring something very special to the next season.

    • carol walker says:

      Totally agree. If they would be happy. That would be great.
      I really think she is tooooo classy for him
      Would love to se her on next to PICK her own.

      • Marilyn Patterson says:

        I agree. Emily is far too classy for Brad. I hope she will be the next bachelorette.

        • Marilyn Patterson says:

          I agree with all who said Emily is far too classy for Brad. I hope Emily wll be the next bachelorette and get to choose someone she truly loves and who love her and the little girl, who, by the way, looks like her father, Ricky Hendrick.

          • Lin says:

            From what I’m hearing, the new next Bachelorette is going to be Ashley Hebert. The official announcement about who will be the next Bachelorette is apparently planned as part of the “After the Final Rose” – which was taped on Monday, March 7th. Also, Jason Mesnick and Molly (just celebrated their first anniversary) and are expected to appear on the AFTR show, as are Ali and Roberto.

  3. jenny says:

    I so agree with Kate and Brenda , Emily is such a nice girl inside and out . I hope Brad picks her . Sorry, to whoever likes Michelle , but in my book she is a total B**** , and should have been off the show a long time ago, if Brad picks her it will last no longer than Jake and Vienna .But we can comment all we want ,in the end it will be Brad’s decision , if he wants a happy life or a screwed up life .

  4. jenny says:

    If it’s not Emily ,hopefully it will be any of the other girls , before Michelle ………..

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I wanted Brad to pick Emily very badly. I think she’s a great woman inside and out. But, I guess if Brad doesn’t pick Emily, I hope Emily will be the next bachelorette!!

  6. Kate says:

    Unfortunately, so far it seems to be going according to what was revealed…

  7. linda says:

    Emily.. should be the next blachorett ,, cuz she deserves it .And Brad isnt for her.She way better than he is .GO EMILY!!