Grandparent Books For Grandparents: Grandparent Names, Rights, Memory Books

Grandparent books for new grandparents or older, more-experienced grandma’s and grandpa’s, are books for and about grandparenting that every grandparent should read. Are you a new grandparent or a soon-to-be grandma or grandpa and need help choosing your new grandparent nickname?

Below you will find a list of grandparent books that deal with picking a grandparent name for yourself, books that discuss grandparent rights and visitation issues, as well as a great list of grandparent memory books that grandmother’s and grandfather’s can and need to create a long lasting history of memories for their children, grandchildren and ancestral genealogy records.

If you are a new grandma or grandpa and have ever said to yourself, “Don’t call me Grandma!”, you will love the first grandparent nickname book listed below. There are over 10,000 grandparent nicknames to choose from, nothing like the ridiculous grandparent names suggested online, that you’d surely be embarrassed and upset if your grandchild called you any of those names.

Grandparent Books – Grandparent Names/Nicknames

Grandparents Rights & Raising Grandchildren

Grandparent Memory Books – Personalized Memory Books

Grandparent memory books make a great Christmas gift for grandparents, or as a Birthday, Anniversary or “just because” gift for a grandmother or grandfather. If you are a parent yourself, remember to always keep a journal or scrapbook of notes and remembrances (with photos) for your children and grandchildren to remember you by when your time on Earth is done.

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  1. Joan Callander says:

    My twenty-year-old adopted grandson/son, Chad Dingle, and I just published a new book Addiction & Families: A Survival Guide that talks about the messages that you send unconsciously to grandchildren you are parenting, and yourself, depending on the name you select and how you introduce and talk about your family.

    My first book Second Time Around: Help for Grandparents Who Raise Their Children’s Kids is out of print AND I discovered using eleven words that destroy the family unity and trust you are trying to create.