Top 5 Gadgets for Grandma and Grandpa

As you may already know, some grandmas are pretty much set in their ways. It’s hard for them to embrace “new school” applications, especially when it comes to technology—some find all those fancy tech gadgets and accessing the World Wide Web a tad bid too complicated.

But there are in fact special gadgets that are designed with Grandma in mind. To learn the top 5 grandma-user friendly tech gadgets that she might want to try, continue reading below.

5. The TKO Door Knob Turner. This low tech but highly effective gadget is designed to make turning doorknobs, faucets and valves a simpler task–a perfect gadget for grandmas who suffer with arthritis or for frail grandmas who have minimal manual strength. Price: $22.95

4. Kodak Pulse digital picture frame. It’s no mystery that grandmas love to receive photos of their grandchildren, but due to social networking sites like Facebook, more than half of all photos get posted online and never see the sight of a decent photo frame. Instead of having to go through the hassle of showing Grandma how to maneuver Facebook so she can view photos of her growing grandchildren, this new digital photo frame from Kodak allows family members to send digital photos from Facebook or via email directly to Grandma’s photo frame. All she needs is Wi-Fi internet access.

3. The Amazon Kindle. For Grandmas who love to read but suffer with poor eye sight, this e-reader may be the perfect solution. This is because it is made with a special “ink” that prevents sun glare and reads just like real paper, unlike computer screens that put strain on the eyes if looked at for too long due to the back light. In addition, the e-reader is light weight and grandmas can download books without having to stress about computer technical difficulties. Price: Starts at $114

2. JitterBug. There is no denying that Grandma needs a cell phone, at the very least for emergency purposes. But if the new smart phones are just too advanced for her, get her a simple JitterBug phone. This phone, which is especially designed for the elderly, has giant buttons and a clear, crisp phone screen— perfect for those who struggle with poor eyesight. If Grandma’s hands are too achy or shaky to scroll down her digital phone book, the phone also has a voice- activation system that will call contacts for her. It also includes an emergency button incase Grandma ever finds herself in an unfortunate predicament. Price: Starts at $99

1. iPad 2. The iPad 2 may seem like a gadget that is too advanced for Grandma, but in actuality it’s the perfect grandma-user friendly device. The large and simple icon buttons are easy enough for her to see and press; in addition the ultra-light weight design allows her to take her iPad wherever she goes. A great alternative to a heavy lap top or desktop computer, grandmas can do a variety of activities on a iPad, including some light reading, download brain exercises to keep their mind fresh to help fight dementia, video chat with children and grand children located in other parts of the country, and watch YouTube videos of their favorite cooking shows in the kitchen, for example. Starts at $499.00

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