Buying Easter Baskets For Kids vs Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Easter Sunday is right around the corner, on Sunday, April 8th. While I do enjoy making do-it-yourself projects, including gift baskets for holidays, making my own Easter baskets for the young kids in the family (grandchildren), this year I decided it was a better idea to buy ready-made Easter baskets and have them shipped directly with free shipping.

By the time I would have bought all the things needed to put into the Easter baskets (candy, chocolates, small toys, coloring books, crayons, etc), wrapped it all up nice and neat and then pay for shipping, the costs of each kids Easter basket would be much higher than just buying the gift baskets ready-made.

Fortunately, doing a lot of searching for pre-made Easter baskets, filled to the brim with goodies and comparing shipping prices, the total costs worked out to be quite reasonable. I am by no means a last minute shopper, and I don’t look for the cheapest Easter basket there is, but rather choose amongst gift basket selections for the most reasonably priced for our budget. I plan well ahead of time for each holiday, and carefully consider the likes and dislikes of each child before making a final decision on what Easter basket fits that child best.

Shopping for Easter baskets to give as gifts to the very young girls and boys in the family is a lot of fun for me. Buying good gifts (for Easter or any other holiday) for small children, babies and toddlers, is much easier (and typically less expensive) than choosing gifts for older kids and tweens/teens. If I were to make a homemade Easter basket this year, it would be to make Easter baskets for babies in the family, but fortunately I found some of the cutest baby gift baskets with soft toys and other things babies enjoy already made and at very reasonable prices. For me and my busy schedule, that’s not only a cost saver but also a time saver too.

Finding inexpensive Easter baskets (but not necessarily “cheap” Easter baskets) that the young grandchildren would enjoy receiving was the easy part. The somewhat hard part for me was making the final selection of which Easter basket to give to which child, considering the fact that I had about ten to twelve different Easter basket choices open in separate tabs on the computer.

Among the many companies that make ready-made Easter baskets for kids, I especially liked the selections offered by “Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets” found here; and “Wine Country Gift Baskets” found right here, and “GreatArrivals Gift Baskets” found here. That’s not to say the many other sellers of Easter baskets don’t have great ideas of things to put into the kids baskets because they offer many adorable selections too, but those three companies stood out for me personally and I chose Easter baskets from their stores for the little boys and girls in the family.

Besides buying the Easter baskets for the kids, I went on a hunt for some fun Easter Printables to help decorate the house for Easter this year, and was thrilled to find the Party Planning Center offering a free Easter Basket printable, Easter egg and lollipop printables, and I’ve just got to have the Easter Printable Kit that includes cupcake toppers, napkin rings, mini baskets, flags and drink labels.

We usually don’t decorate for every single holiday, but when the little grandkids come to visit during certain holidays, it sure is fun for them to see all the decorations for whatever holiday season it happens to be. Seeing the little girls all dressed up in their pretty Easter dresses to go have pictures taken with the Easter Bunny and enjoying Easter egg hunts is a fun time for the whole family. With a couple more grand babies on the way, finding or making Easter gifts for all of them to enjoy makes the holiday that much more fun for us too.

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  1. Carla says:

    Thanks a bunch for mentioning my Easter printables! I’ll be sure to promote this article all over the place! 🙂