Chihuahua Puppies as Family Pets – Are Chihuahuas Safe for Kids?

As a Chihuahua dog and puppy lover, it’s easy to see why Chihuahua’s are so popular. Chihuahua’s are small miniature dogs in height generally ranging between six to ten inches depending on the breed. Some Chihuahua breeds can grow as tall as 12 to 15 inches.

According to American breed standards, Chihuahua dogs should not weigh more than six pounds, while other breed standards say two to four pounds is preferred. Nevertheless, little Chihuahua dogs are exactly that, little in every sense of the word. Considering how small Chihuahua dogs are, one can’t help but wonder if Chihuahuas are safe and okay for kids to have as pets.

Chihuahuas might get stepped on and hurt, some say. Or that some kids may not understand how to treat a puppy, and that bringing a small Chihuahua into the family might be dangerous, both for the kids and the dog.

Chihuahua temperament and behavior towards owners, children or adults, is apparently largely dependent on the genetic makeup of its parents and grandparents, and how the dogs are raised. It would seem obvious then that if parents teach their kids how to treat a puppy before actually buying or bringing home a new puppy, both the dog and kids have a better chance of getting along fine together.

Chihuahuas that have a bad temperament or bad attitude can be easily provoked to attack, which might make Chihuahuas a bad choice for families with young children. The AKC describes the Chihuahua breed as “a graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression, compact, and with terrier-like qualities of temperament.” Chihuahua dogs can be fiercely loyal to its owners, perhaps even becoming over-protective of familiar persons when unfamiliar people or kids are around.

Even though Chihuahuas are said to not always get along well with other dog breeds, Chihuahuas may prefer companionship with other Chihuahuas. The possible unpredictable behavior of Chihuahua dogs may not make them safe for kids that are not patient or calm, so parents and families should consider carefully the temperament and behaviors of their own children before deciding to rescue or buy a Chihuahua.

Our Chihuahua has shown herself to be very protective of us, and has often acted as if she were a watch dog, barking and whining as if to tell us someone is at the door, ringing the doorbell, or calling on the phone. Our Chihuahua can be in another room or in the backyard playing, but still have the innate ability to hear or smell someone walking around in the house or upstairs and she makes sure we all know it.

Aside from different Chihuahua breeds and temperaments that may mean Chihuahuas are not good pets for kids, we have never had an experience with our Chihuahua where she has behaved improperly toward anyone.

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  1. No, not too great with kids but it can still work. Our Chihuahua resides with young children, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a pair of teenagers, and a Bullboxer. In my ten plus years of owning the breed she has to have the sweetest temperament of them all. She still, however, demands her space and room. When either of the aforementioned roommates violates her space then she can be protective.

    The most important thing with the little kids is expressing to them the value of space to the Chihuahua. While it make be hard to get a toddler to understand that, you may have to supervise the too.